15 Gifts Ideas For Doberman Lovers

Are you Doberman obsessed or know someone who is? Are you looking for interesting or unique Doberman gifts?

If you’re like me, part of the fun of owning the coolest dog breed in the world is finding unique Doberman collectibles. There’s even a fantastic book for Doberman collectors, The History of the Doberman Pinscher as Depicted Through Collectibles, Art and Literature.

I compiled this list to keep track of Doberman products on my shopping wish list.  They include Doberman themed art, historical stuff, clothing, fun products, and weird or rare items.

Here are my picks for the most interesting Doberman gifts for you or your dog.

Dean & Tyler Leather Harness – Now this is a dog harness! Dean & Tyler make some very cool leather harnesses. Even the harness names are perfect for a Doberman.  This design is “The Royal Stud”, also check out “The Viking”, “Royal Classic Knight”, “The Blade”, “Stud Warrior”, “The Victory” and “The Boss”. doberman gift leather dog harness with brass studs

Doberman Beer Growler – I had no idea what a beer growler was until now.  Another nice gift for guys who love Dobermans.beer growler for doberman gift

Doberman T-Shirt – Guys usually love t-shirts, and this one of a tough-looking Doberman shirt with sunglasses is fun. doberman shirt with sunglasses and chain

Doberman Socks – Who doesn’t need more socks?doberman socks for Christmas

Doberman Ornament – A tiny Doberman in a tea cup, how adorable. This would make a nice Christmas tree ornament.doberman dog Christmas ornament in tea cup

Doberman Sweater – Do you need an ugly Christmas sweater? Why not a Doberman ugly Christmas sweater?ugly Christmas red sweater with doberman dogs

Doberman Wine Glasses – Another practical gift for a dog lover.

Doberman Dog Collars – There are so many great designs to choose from. Here are some of my favorite dog collars.

Need some other gift ideas? Here are more Doberman products to check out.

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  1. Anyone know where I can find address labels with Dobies on them?
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