The Truth About Prong Collar Use

prong collar use on doberman

I never thought I would be writing about celebrity Kendall Jenner, but here I am. Kendall owns a Doberman named Pyro, (cool name by the way). And she received some online hate recently after she was seen walking her Doberman with a prong collar. Some people commented that prong collars are inhumane. While others came … Read more

15 Gifts Ideas For Doberman Lovers

doberman gifts

Are you Doberman obsessed or know someone who is? Are you looking for interesting or unique Doberman gifts? If you’re like me, part of the fun of owning the coolest dog breed in the world is finding unique Doberman collectibles. There’s even a fantastic book for Doberman collectors, The History of the Doberman Pinscher as … Read more

Kong Stuffing Mix & Match

foods to stuff in kong dog toy

Kong Stuffing Ideas Is Your Dog Getting Bored? Do you need some long-lasting Kong stuffing recipes? KONGS are still one of the best dog toys around. ¬†They’re one of the few treat toys you can leave with your dog unsupervised. They’re also great for dogs with separation anxiety. Doberman anxiety seems to a common problem … Read more

The Lazy Way To Exercise Your Doberman

ways to exercise your dog with a flirt pole dog toy

Exercise For Dobermans is Super Important! We know that dogs who don’t get enough exercise, get into trouble. I suspect that a lot of behavior problems come from bored dogs not getting the exercise they need. Dobermans are a high-energy dog breed. And if they don’t get enough exercise, bad things can happen, like boredom … Read more