Doberman Rescue Dogs

So you want a Doberman but can’t afford a quality, purebred from a breeder. Doberman Rescue Groups your best alternative to breeders, for finding a Doberman to adopt.

A Doberman rescue group is usually a non-profit group created to provide an alternative to animal or dog shelters.  Many times dogs don’t do well in regular dog shelters due to the noise, distraction, or general environment.  Some Doberman enthusiasts prefer to help their favorite breed by assisting with Doberman rescue and adoption. These breed-specific rescue groups will foster the dog and evaluate it for adoption. This may include evaluating the Doberman’s temperament, obedience skills, and general health.

Doberman rescue groups vary in size from a well organized large group to a small one-person operation.  They may be connected to a breed club, humane society, or work as an independent agency.  While we hope all of the current rescues are ethical and well run, you may wish to do some research on a particular local Doberman rescue you’re interested in. Most countries have Doberman Rescues like Canada, the United States, and the UK.

doberman purebreds at doberman rescuesBefore Getting Doberman Rescue Dogs

Things to consider include:

How long has the rescue been operating? Are they affiliated with a larger club? 

Do they spay & neuter before adoption?

Do they screen potential adopters to make sure the dog is going to a good home?

Do they disclose all the information about the dog’s health, behavior, and known history?

Do they offer ongoing support after adoption?

Will they take back a dog if for whatever reason you can no longer care for it?

Will they provide an adoption contract?

A Doberman rescue may charge an adoption fee or accept a donation instead. If you have the means please give generously. Caring for and funding animal rescues can be challenging.  Doberman rescues are run by dedicated volunteers who invest their own time, money, and love to help their favorite breed. Without these caring individuals, our beloved Doberman could end up in an overcrowded shelter, or have a worse fate.

Please consider using a local Doberman rescue instead of a backyard breeder. While Doberman rescue puppies are not usually available, they might have a younger Doberman who needs rehoming.

I hope this helps you find the perfect Doberman companion.

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14 thoughts on “Doberman Rescue Dogs”

  1. I would love to find a Doberman to give a wonderful home to. We live in the country. I came to love Doby’s after caring for my daughters two. We lost our beloved pet last year.

  2. Not sure of any dates in these posts, but we recently lost our 8 y/o, Dobie, to Cancer we are looking for another Doberman. We live in Northern California, own 3 acres, color or sex, not much of a concern, but a male would be nice, maybe our lawn would recover from the dead spots. temperament is a must because grandkids always around. Lola was so gentle, she would stand still while our 3y/o grandaughter would put her small action figures on her back. would be interested in adopting an older dog, but a puppy would also be welcome. Bob Child, 04/15/21

  3. I just had to put my male blue doby Denver Blue down last week. Only 4-1/2 years old. Seemed healthy then developed a golf ball sized lump on neck. Fast growing mast cell lymphoma. Dead in a week. He was my life. I need another boy or girl, hoping that the one would like my kitty. Have everything.

  4. We are looking to adopt a young Female Doberman, who’s 1 year old or less. We have plenty of Love for Her. Please feel free to assist Us in Our efforts to find Our new Family Member.

    We live in the Dallas Fort Worth area.


  5. My name is Harold. I just lost My sixth Dobie. She was wonderful. So I’m looking for a Mature Female Dob. Up to 3yrs old. I’m an older man, so not looking for a puppy.
    My email:
    Let me know if there might be Dog that comes close to my needs.
    Thanks, Harold E. Simonds

  6. Great article, had a Dobie and what a great friend and companion. Looking for a great young female Dobie. rescue is a great idea but kinda hesitant. Thx palm harbor Florida

  7. We adopted a rescue Doberman. Best decision we ever made. We have had six other dobies thru the years but this One is best by far. She is a red dobie. She is very loving wants to be with us constantly loves to ride in the car. She doesn’t like our cats but that’s her only fault. What a great dog!

  8. I’m looking to re-home my beloved doberman. He is a fantastic loving dog, fully vaccinated, neutered, raised with other dogs, cats and kittens. He’s a young @ 15 months, strong, happy and playful big puppy.
    Why Re-home: I’ve got in his way and have fallen too many times. I’m older and cannot afford to replace my hips from falling. I’ll miss him dearly, but he deserves more.
    All paperwork available.

  9. Monday I had to put my doberman down she had bone cancer 5 years old ,she was a good dog was always gentle and had no flaws that I can see I’m heartbroken I love her so thank you

    • I feel your pain. I just found out my boxer Riggs has cancer in his glans. I’m heartbroken as well. I was thinking about a Doberman for my next dog. I truly love him so. My vet said not to put him down yet. He still has life left and love to give. And I’m going to give him the same…


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