Below are some products that I recommend for Doberman owners. They will make life easier and more enjoyable, for you and your dog.  I wish that I had known about some of these products when I had my first dog and needed help. Some of these are absolutely essential and some are just fun.

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The History of the Doberman Pinscher as Depicted Through Collectibles, Art, and Literature I love this book! And if you love history, antiques, and collectibles on the Doberman breed, you will also. It’s a large 433-page reference book of items like Doberman stamps, jewelry, artwork, statues, toys, postcards, etc. It even shows odd collectibles like a  G.I.  Joe action figure with a Doberman.  

Slow Feed Dog Bowl – If your Doberman eats too fast, this is a great way to slow him down and it’s easy to wash. Dobermans are susceptible to the dangerous condition of bloat, so definitely get a slow feeder bowl. 

Martingale Dog Collar – These are my favorite dog collars for walking Dobermans. They are great for dogs who have necks bigger than their heads, who can slip out of regular collars, like greyhounds and Dobermans.  I place the collar high on the neck, just under the ears and it gives me good control of my Doberman if he gets distracted.  Also, they are much safer than the choke collars or halti-type collars which can damage your dog’s neck or windpipe.
Flirt Pole Dog Exercise Toy – This is a great way to exercise your Doberman, especially if you can’t give him walks or let him run off-leash. Think of it as a giant cat toy for dogs. This is a must-have for high-energy dogs, like Dobermans. And if your dog loves chasing squirrels, he’ll go nuts for this toy, mine do. Just be careful if you have 2 dogs, play with them separately, or else they might get too excited and toy possessive. 
KONG WOBBLER – This is a treat-dispensing toy that will challenge your Doberman and keep him busy. It’s easy to fill, wash and they are tough enough for Doberman jaws. And if you have the regular kong rubber toy, check out my Kong stuffing post. 

Pizzle Bully Chew Stick – Pizzle Sticks or Bully Sticks are a good alternative to hard bones that wear down or break dog teeth. Just make sure your dog doesn’t swallow big pieces whole. These should keep your dog distracted for a while and out of boredom trouble.

Dog Music – This music has some research behind it to help calm your dog. If your dog has Doberman anxiety I suggest trying it. It might also help humans de-stress.


Dog Bells For Potty Training – Train your puppy to let you know when he wants to go outside.

Dog Distraction Lick Pad – If your dog hates getting bathed, this should help.

MudBuster Paw Cleaner – just add water, place the paw in the cup and the silicone bristles help loosen the dirt.

Orthopedic Dog Bed – This looks great for senior dogs, dogs with joint pain, or arthritis. It has pressure-relieving memory foam for a more comfortable bed.

Dog Urine Detector Light – This UV blacklight will help you find dog pee in your home. Or if your brave enough, stains in your hotel room.

The Doberman Gang & The Daring Dobermans Movie – Dobermans who rob a bank! I think any Doberman fan should own these classic movies.

Bacon Scent Dog Bubbles! – Entertain your dog in a new way and exercise them at the same time.

Home Security Camera – Don’t buy one of those expensive dog cameras. This camera gives you better features for a much better price. Also, it’s common for the treat dispensing cameras to get jammed, so skip that feature. And if you have two dogs at home, the treat dispenser might even start a food fight. Lastly, I suspect that using the speaker will just confuse your dog. If you have a dog with separation anxiety, you don’t want to add to his anxiety.

I hope this Doberman shopping list helps you. And if you need other unique gift ideas, try this page Doberman Gifts