Doberman Rescue Dogs

doberman purebreds at doberman rescues

So you want a Doberman but can’t afford a quality, purebred from a breeder. Doberman Rescue Groups your best alternative to breeders, for finding a Doberman to adopt. A Doberman rescue group is usually a non-profit group created to provide an alternative to animal or dog shelters.¬† Many times dogs don’t do well in regular … Read more

The Day After Losing Your Dog

What To Do When Your Dog Dies Yesterday I put down my 11-year-old Doberman. Her legs were failing her so badly that she could no longer walk without falling down. I feel awful, but I know it was the right thing to do. And, as time goes by, I know my heartache will hurt less … Read more

Your Dog Wants Toys This Color

best color for dog toys

Do dogs see color? At one time, it was thought that dogs could only see shades of gray.But it’s now known that dogs do see colors, although in a smaller range than humans. Dogs don’t see colors the way we do, but they do notice differences in colors by the shade intensity. Humans have three … Read more

The Case FOR Cropping

doberman with cropped ears in daisy flower field

“Today I experienced my first seriously negative and rude response to Bandit’s ears being cropped… and I was angry!! I was not angry at this woman’s opinion – everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe and make their own choices and that is absolutely fine. But when someone rudely tells me … Read more