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Kong Stuffing Ideas

Is Your Dog Getting Bored?ideas for food to stuff kong Do you need some long-lasting Kong stuffing recipes?

KONGS are still one of the best dog toys around.  They’re one of the few treat toys you can leave with your dog unsupervised. They’re also great for dogs with separation anxiety. Doberman anxiety seems to a common problem and these kongs can help with that. Also, kongs are durable, which is important since Dobermans have mighty jaws.  I suggest you get the larger sizes which are tougher. Also, they are safe for dogs’ teeth. Unlike bones, they won’t wear down teeth or cause teeth to chip. Kongs are doggie dentist approved. Some products marketed for dogs can actually damage their teeth. 

These rubber treat dispensers are also great because they keep your dog mentally challenged. Especially if you change the kong stuffing regularly.  Dogs don’t have as many taste buds as humans but they do smell much better than us. They can smell each ingredient individually. For this reason, you’ll want to introduce interesting new smells for your dog to enjoy. Remember a bored dog can get into trouble.

You can pick many healthy foods to add to a Kong. I encourage you to skip the dog food isles of grocery stores and instead look for human foods that dogs will enjoy and are safe. Keep in mind those human foods that dogs shouldn’t eat. Also, avoid giving too many treats high in sugar, salt, or fat, especially if your dog needs to lose weight.

Challenging Kong Stuffing

For those dogs who are expert chewers, you might want to make the kong stuffing treats harder to finish. You can easily do this by freezing the kong along with it’s stuffing for a bit. If you do freeze the kong, try to leave an easy appetizer sticking out the larger hole, so your dog is immediately rewarded. You want him instantly motivated to keep going.  And if you want a non-messy kong recipe, freezing it a bit also helps keep the treats packed inside. 

DO NOT  plug the smaller hole. You don’t want to block it as there is a risk of creating a vacuum seal suction around the dog’s tongue. This can be very dangerous.

I hope this Kong Stuffing Mix & Match Chart gives you some new ideas. Custom blend the ingredients to make your own easy Kong recipe for a healthy treat. And let children get involved in caring for your Doberman. You can print the Kong Stuffing chart and place it in your kitchen as a guide for them. Just click on the chart image below to get the larger size image.

4 steps to fill a Kong Treat

  1. pick a creamy spreadable ingredient
  2. pick a dry food ingredient
  3. pick an appetizer treat that will stick out the hole
  4. and pick a flavor booster (like Fish Oil )

Once you have picked your 4 ingredients, you can either pre-mix them in a bowl first, then stuff the mixture in, or you can just stuff them in the Kong one at a time.  The appetizer treat should probably be last so that it sticks outside the large Kong hole. 

What do you like stuffing in your dog’s Kong? 
kong stuffing mix and match food ideas


Kong Stuffing Guide Chart

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    • It doesn’t really matter. You can make the mixture then stuff it in or layer it in and use a spoon to mix it in kong. It also might depend what ingredients you choose.


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