Vintage Doberman Photos

Here are some great vintage photographs of Doberman Pinscher Dogs.  They show how charming and elegant the Doberman breed is. They also show us how different the early Dobermans looked compared to today’s Doberman standard. It would be nice to know the history or story behind these pictures.  Who are all these people? This first photo … Read more

Who Is This Man?

vintage photograph of doberman dog with man 1914 lwow

Here is some old school cool. I love vintage photos of people with their Dobermans. And  I recently found a beautiful vintage photograph of a man, with what appears to be an early Doberman. He has a cool hipster look that seems to be trendy nowadays. I can’t find the original source so I’m asking readers … Read more

Dogs of War Documentary

soldier with doberman dogs of war

It’s 1942, somewhere in the Pacific: Deadly ambushes by entrenched Japanese in the thick jungles take a heavy toll on American troops.  Marine commanders were willing to try anything, including using dogs to sniff out the hidden enemy.  But even with their superior senses, nobody anticipated just how effective they would be. “War Dogs of … Read more

Westminster Dog Show

Created in 1877, the Westminster Dog Show is the oldest purebred dog show.  Their mission is “to celebrate the companionship of dogs while promoting responsible dog ownership, health, and breed preservation.” The dogs are evaluated against their breed standard by expert judges.  Dog Show Requirements The dog must be registered with the American Kennel Club … Read more