Doberman Aggression and Barking

vaccination for dogs questions to consider in making decision

Dobermans are fantastic watchdogs. They have a natural instinct to bark at strangers to alert us of possible danger. New Doberman owners need to realize that this is their job and what they were bred for originally. They want to protect you, but they also need to feel that you can protect them. Unfortunately, sometimes … Read more

Star Wars Dobermans

Star wars dog creature is a doberman wearing a costume

(FYI, There are no spoilers here, it’s safe to keep reading) Solo: A Star Wars Story is one of the newer movies of the Star Wars franchise, it was released May 2018.  It tells us the backstory of the young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) and his adventures with Chewbacca and Lando (Donald Glover).  Alden did a … Read more

Dog Treadmill Training Step by Step

doberman dog treadmill training

You know exercise is important, for humans and for dogs. But especially for a high-energy breed like the Doberman.  Without enough exercise to burn up this excess energy, you’ll end up with a frustrated dog, and a frustrated dog is a not-well-behaved dog.  One option for exercise is teaching your dog treadmill running.  This is … Read more