Doberman Aggression and Barking

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Dobermans are fantastic watchdogs. They have a natural instinct to bark at strangers to alert us of possible danger. New Doberman owners need to realize that this is their job and what they were bred for originally. They want to protect you, but they also need to feel that you can protect them. Unfortunately, sometimes … Read more

If Your Dog Runs Away When Called

happy doberman running away

Although the Doberman is one of the smartest, most obedient, and trainable dogs, some are a challenge for their owners.  And the come command is sometimes one of the hardest skills to teach. It takes a lot of work and distraction-proofing for it to become reliable. But it’s essential and can be life saving if … Read more

10 Dog Walking Alternatives

dog walking in forest in fall

We know Dobermans need more exercise and mental stimulation than the average dog. They were originally bred to be working dogs. And we know a tired dog is a good dog.  Walking is a great activity for dogs and as well as humans.   Not only is walking good for fitness, but it’s also good for mental … Read more