Dog Treadmill Training Step by Step

doberman dog treadmill training

You know exercise is important, for humans and for dogs. But especially for a high-energy breed like the Doberman.  Without enough exercise to burn up this excess energy, you’ll end up with a frustrated dog, and a frustrated dog is a not-well-behaved dog.  One option for exercise is teaching your dog treadmill running.  This is … Read more

How To Avoid Doberman Teeth Problems

dog tooth extraction dental cost

Are You Ruining Your Doberman’s Smile? I was shocked recently to find out that my 11-year-old Doberman has terrible teeth. She had really bad periodontal disease, a loose tooth, and needed other teeth removed. Here’s a copy of my dental vet bill. How had I neglected her dental health? How long had she been in … Read more

Kong Stuffing Mix & Match

foods to stuff in kong dog toy

Kong Stuffing Ideas Is Your Dog Getting Bored? Do you need some long-lasting Kong stuffing recipes? KONGS are still one of the best dog toys around.  They’re one of the few treat toys you can leave with your dog unsupervised. They’re also great for dogs with separation anxiety. Doberman anxiety seems to a common problem … Read more

Shots and Vaccines For Dogs, Yes or No?

vaccination for dogs questions to consider in making decision

Do you know what shots and vaccinations to give your dog? Or do you just blindly trust your vet to make that decision for you? Every year, like most people, I take my dogs to the vet and consent to whatever shots my vet suggests. Recently I’ve started to question if I’m making the right … Read more