13 Awesome Doberman Halloween Costumes

awesome halloween costumes for dogsWhy should kids have all the fun at Halloween?

Here are 13 of the best Doberman Halloween costumes for Dobie dog lovers. Some are funny, some are cute.

If you’re a crafty DIY person, I hope these doggie costumes give you some ideas.

And if you don’t have the time to make a costume, you can find some cute ones for sale here:
Dog Costumes

If you’re thinking of doing zombie makeup on your dog, this post on the Resident Evil zombie dogs might help.

If you know where these Dobermans are from, please tell us in the comments below.

And which doberman costume is your favorite?

And honorable mention to Attack Chi for the Poodle disguise kit for Dobermans.

poodle disguise for doberman


One Comment

  1. Noah said:

    I am dressing my Doberman up like the batman one so. Cute

    March 27, 2016

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