The Best Zombie Dogs Ever!

Halloween is days away!zombie doberman dog from movie resident evil

This is a perfect excuse to watch the zombie-dog movie,  Resident Evil.

And if you’re planning on turning your dog into a zombie for Halloween, you might want to see how the pros do it.

Resident Evil was the 2002 action-horror movie starring the beautiful Milla Jovovich.  There are now five movies in the series. The sixth and final sequel is currently shooting and will be released in 2017. In the film, an underground research facility is contaminated by the T-virus bio-weapon. This virus turns the scientists and laboratory Doberman dogs into zombies.  

To create the zombie dogs for the movie, Dobermans were covered with prosthetics, fake blood and skin to give them the creepy decomposing look.  The challenge for the makeup artists was that the dogs would lick and shake the makeup off.  The behind-the-scenes video also shows how the Doberman was trained to jump through a sugar window.

The Dobermans used in Resident Evil were trained by Bonnie Judd. In the training video, you can watch her Dobermans go to a mark, sit, down, stay, bark, and jump on a body. It’s interesting to note that both these Dobermans were rescue dogs.

It’s fun to watch their movie training. And they are both amazing and beautiful doggie actors!

Did you like the Resident Evil movie?

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