Awesome Doberman Halloween Costumes

awesome halloween costumes for dogsWhy should kids have all the fun at Halloween?

I’m sure our Dobermans don’t care about Halloween but dressing up our dogs can be fun for the family. Here are some creative or funny Doberman Halloween costumes for you.

And if you’re a crafty DIY person, these dog costumes may give you some costume ideas. But if you don’t have the time to make a costume, you can find some for sale here Dog Costumes.  I think the Lion Mane would look great on a red or fawn Doberman. 

And if you’re thinking of doing zombie makeup on your dog, this post on the Resident Evil zombie dogs might help.

Here are my Dobermans dressed up as Princess Leia and a security guard. 

dogs in halloween costumes, princess leia and security guard dog

Which Doberman costume is your favorite? Have you ever dressed up your dog?

poodle disguise for doberman

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Doberman Halloween Costumes”

  1. Can you do a “Red” winged outfit for my Dobie
    She’s red and almost 50lbs/ 7 months old.
    Any cool accessories would be great. Dinosaur theme/Jurassic park


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