Doberman Hybrid Dogs

It was just a matter of time before the hybrid dog trend brought about some new creations. Hybrid dogs are the result of mating two different purebred dogs. A common hybrid you may have already seen, is the golden doodle, a mixture of the poodle and golden retriever dog. The labradoodle is  a mixture of poodle and labrador.  A less familiar combination is the doberman hybrid dog.

Hybrids are also referred to as cross breds or designer dogs. Hybrids are not considered mixed breeds or “mutts”. Mixed breeds are of an unknown breeding background or heritage, whereas hybrids have been carefully bred.

With the popularity of these hybrid or designer dogs, there is now concern that proper breeding for desirable characteristics is being disregarded by unethical breeders. Hybrids that were created to present the best characteristics of two different breeds may be disregarded by some breeders. These breeders are more motivated by the high prices that hybrid dogs can command than anything else.

Since the main dog breed registries only register purebred dogs, the American Canine Hybrid Club was formed to recognize dog hybrids. Looking at the current list of hybrid breeds, there are a few doberman hybrids (or doberman mixes) that are recognized.

Beagle x Doberman Pinscher = Beagleman

Doberman Pinscher x Old English Sheepdog = Dobsky

Doberman Pinscher x Poodle = Doodleman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher x Rottweiler = Rotterman

If you check out photos of these doberman cross breeds, I’m sure you’ll agree they don’t do justice to the the doberman pinscher breed. I found these doberman hybrids pretty ugly actually. Dobermans are so popular partly due to their beautiful body structure. They have a lean, athletic looking body and to change it, is almost sinful in my opinion. I really don’t think these doberman hybrids will become popular and most likely they were only created out of curiousity or for novelty.  Hopefully this is a trend that dies.  If you’re looking for a doberman pet, I recommend you stick with doberman purebreds for a quality breeder.

What do you think of the doberman hybrid dogs?

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54 thoughts on “Doberman Hybrid Dogs”

  1. Twenty years ago, I saw the most beautiful, unforgettable dog I’ve ever seen in my life — a Doberman/English Bull Terrier mix. It was like a piece of art. I’ve been looking for one ever since, but realize that if that’s what I want, I’m going to have to breed them myself.

  2. We adopted a dobe/BC mix as an older puppy. She was extremely clever, protective, healthy, well-balanced, hard-working and an integral member of our family. She never had a single ailment until her kidneys failed when she was over 17. We still miss her. I think each dog is an individual and cross-breeding can dilute some of the endemic breed illnesses.

  3. I happened across a Doberman/black lab mix and rescued her the day I met her. She is smart and loving, and she has all of those intriguing qualities known to Dobermans mixed with Labrador retrieving as her favorite game. My other dog is a purebred black lab who I also rescued (what a character). I have never understood the obsession with owning a purebred dog. My dad had blue ribbon winning labs and golden retrievers; they were amazing hunting dogs that served him well. Don’t get me wrong, I think many breeds are lovely yet I find many people who obsess over a dog’s worth don’t seem to know their own worth either. Is it yet another way to feel special or something? Look how popular mini dogs became due to Paris Hilton! If people need a dog for love then the dog has served its purpose as a companion to them, regardless of whether or not they are pure, cross, or a big fifty-seven Heinz special.

  4. Growing up as a child we had a Dog follow us home from the ranch one day, and he stayed with us for 12 years. I say this because we never knew where he came from nor where he went.

    He was a Doberman/German Shorthair/Weimaraner Hybred. He had very fine smooth coat with the color and markings of a red doberman. He had the shape and size of a German Shorthair with floppy ears and a six inch cropped tail. (His handle)

    More amazing than his good looks were his athletic abbilities and those were nothing compared to his intelligence. He would go with us on all day horse rides where he would chase deer at every chance( The only animal around fast enough to challenge him) I often saw him pull up and let the deer get ahead again. He would always swim across a pond rather than go around. And after all that he would still clock nearly 35 mph behind my moms 1970 Cutlass hot rod.

    When we went tree or rock climbing so did he. For a while we thought he must be part mountain goat. We never got lost on our adventures because Forio(his name) never got lost. We would just tell him to go home and then we would follow.

    My sister named him after ah hores in an old movie that could jump a 7 foot gate. This dog could clear a 6 foot fence from a sitting position in a single smooth motion.

    Folks that came to know Forio would often comment that he understood exactly what they were saying and they half expected him to say somthing back.

    I’ve often wondered if other dog owners have experienced this sort of results from a Doberman Mix.

    But like many other dog owners I won’t support breeding for profits. We have always adopetd our dogs and prevent them from having unwanted puppies. But I do reccomend a Doberman Mix if you have a chance to adopt one.


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