Vintage Doberman Photos

Here are some great vintage photographs of Doberman Pinscher Dogs.  They show how charming and elegant the Doberman breed is. They also show us how different the early Dobermans looked compared to today’s Doberman standard.

It would be nice to know the history or story behind these pictures.  Who are all these people?

This first photo is from a UK Dog Trading Card from 2006.
“The Aristocrats of the Dog World”

vintage doberman photo postcard

Virginia Knauer & Bertha Weeks Carley with the Doberman “Emperor” and his daughter.  Photos courtesy of the American Doberman Pinscher Educational Foundation
Vintage Doberman Photo of Officer with dog.
vintage photo of lady with trained dobermans
Village lady giving treats to four Dobermans. 3 well-trained Dobermans and one stubborn Doberman waiting for a treat.
2 Dobermans push child a cart with a baby
Advertisement photo for a dog show in Berlin.

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  1. Wow! I love these! You should add some WWII war dog pics, to let people see how crucial the breed was during the war. And maybe if the war dog memorial in Guam, even though it wouldn’t be “vintage”, but still related to that era.


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