Disappointing Doberman Hybrid Dogs

doberman and poodle mix called doodleman

What is a Hybrid Dog?

Hybrid dogs are the result of mating two different purebred dogs. Hybrids are also referred to as crossbreds or designer dogs. Hybrids are not considered ” mutts” or mixed breeds. Mixed breeds are of an unknown breeding background or lineage. Whereas hybrids have been carefully selected from purebred parents.

A common hybrid you may have seen, is the Golden Doodle, a mixture of the poodle and golden retriever dog. Or the Labradoodle, a mixture of a poodle and a labrador.  And now a less familiar combination is the Doberman hybrid dog. 

With the popularity of these hybrid or designer dogs, there is the concern that proper breeding for desirable characteristics is being disregarded by unethical breeders. Hybrids that were originally created to present the best characteristics of two different breeds may now be disregarded by some breeders. Backyard breeders are usually more motivated by money than creating a healthy dog.

Dog breed registries, like the American Kennel Club, only register purebred dogs,  not allowing hybrids. This has led to various Dog Hybrid registry clubs being creating to recognize dog hybrids. The problem is that there is no international standard on what a hybrid dog breed should look like or be bred for. 

doberman dog mixed with labrador
Doberman + Labrador = Doberdor

Are Hybrid dogs healthier than purebreds?

Looking at a few hybrid dog registry clubs, there are Doberman hybrids that are currently recognized. But I couldn’t find information on best practices or standards. Do the dogs require health testing or linage documents? Who are the recognized breeders of hybrids? And what exactly is the breed “standard”  detailing the physical and temperament guidelines?  There doesn’t appear to be any official hybrid standard.

The other thing to note is that offspring can not be reliably predicted.  Good purebred breeders aim to breed out serious health problems and keep meticulous records of their breeding practices. Can hybrid breeders say the same?  Health screening is a sign of a breeder who cares about making healthy dogs. There is a myth that dog mixes are healthier than purebreds. Although more dog health studies are needed it’s not accepted as a fact that mixes are healthier.   Hip dysplasia and other disorders are seen in mixed-breed dogs, as well as purebreds. Both are equally susceptible to health problems.  In the end, the most important thing is finding a quality breeder, whether purebred or hybrid, who health tests their breeding stock. 

Doberman mixed with Beagle
Doberman + Beagle = Beagleman

Doberman Hybrid Mixes

Mixed breed litters vary a lot, even within the same litter. If you search for photos of a hybrid mix you’ll see lots of variation. Hybrids really are a wild-card dog. Here are some Doberman mixes that are listed in Dog Hybrid registries. 

  • Doberman x Beagle = Beagleman
  • Doberman x Old English Sheepdog = Dobsky
  • Doberman x Poodle = Doodleman 
  • Doberman x Rottweiler = Rotterman
  • Doberman x labrador = Doberdor
  • Doberman x Basset Hound = Dobie-basset
  • Doberman x English Springer Spaniel = English Springerman
  • Doberman x Siberian Husky = Siberian Pinscher
Doberman mix with Poodle
Doberman + Poodle = Doodleman

Looking at photos of Doberman cross breeds, I’m sure you’ll agree they don’t do justice to the Doberman breed. Dobermans are popular partly due to their beautiful body structure. They have a lean, athletic-looking body, and to change it, is a shame in my opinion.

I really don’t think these Doberman hybrids will ever become popular and most likely they were only created out of curiosity, for novelty, by accident, or to make a quick buck.  Hopefully, this is a trend that dies.  If you’re looking for a Doberman pet, I recommend you stick with Doberman from a quality breeder or rescue.

What do you think of the Doberman hybrid dogs?

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  1. Has anyone ever cross bred a doberman with a German Pinscher?…in particular a tri-color Red Doberman with a Red German Pnscher. I’m interested in finding out what a cross-breed like that looks like.

  2. Wow, a great site. Since 1947 Dalmations have been my favorite dog. However 101 Dalmations, almost killed the American Damation; what a crapy mess;.

    However I have often thought a Daldoberman would improve the health of the dalmation and as both dogs have similar builds, a hybred may have posabiities.
    Does any one have one, has it any health issues?

    • If you want to improve the health of the Dalmatian, believe me, using the Doberman is not the way to go… Dobermans are seriously one of the unhealthiest breeds going. I love them, and do complete DNA/OFA health testing on any litter I breed, but the Doberman itself is in need to either an admixture of a truly healthy breed, or for breeders to start putting health ahead of show wins.

  3. Twenty years ago, I saw the most beautiful, unforgettable dog I’ve ever seen in my life — a Doberman/English Bull Terrier mix. It was like a piece of art. I’ve been looking for one ever since, but realize that if that’s what I want, I’m going to have to breed them myself.

  4. We adopted a dobe/BC mix as an older puppy. She was extremely clever, protective, healthy, well-balanced, hard-working and an integral member of our family. She never had a single ailment until her kidneys failed when she was over 17. We still miss her. I think each dog is an individual and cross-breeding can dilute some of the endemic breed illnesses.

  5. I happened across a Doberman/black lab mix and rescued her the day I met her. She is smart and loving, and she has all of those intriguing qualities known to Dobermans mixed with Labrador retrieving as her favorite game. My other dog is a purebred black lab who I also rescued (what a character). I have never understood the obsession with owning a purebred dog. My dad had blue ribbon winning labs and golden retrievers; they were amazing hunting dogs that served him well. Don’t get me wrong, I think many breeds are lovely yet I find many people who obsess over a dog’s worth don’t seem to know their own worth either. Is it yet another way to feel special or something? Look how popular mini dogs became due to Paris Hilton! If people need a dog for love then the dog has served its purpose as a companion to them, regardless of whether or not they are pure, cross, or a big fifty-seven Heinz special.

  6. Growing up as a child we had a Dog follow us home from the ranch one day, and he stayed with us for 12 years. I say this because we never knew where he came from nor where he went.

    He was a Doberman/German Shorthair/Weimaraner Hybred. He had very fine smooth coat with the color and markings of a red doberman. He had the shape and size of a German Shorthair with floppy ears and a six inch cropped tail. (His handle)

    More amazing than his good looks were his athletic abbilities and those were nothing compared to his intelligence. He would go with us on all day horse rides where he would chase deer at every chance( The only animal around fast enough to challenge him) I often saw him pull up and let the deer get ahead again. He would always swim across a pond rather than go around. And after all that he would still clock nearly 35 mph behind my moms 1970 Cutlass hot rod.

    When we went tree or rock climbing so did he. For a while we thought he must be part mountain goat. We never got lost on our adventures because Forio(his name) never got lost. We would just tell him to go home and then we would follow.

    My sister named him after ah hores in an old movie that could jump a 7 foot gate. This dog could clear a 6 foot fence from a sitting position in a single smooth motion.

    Folks that came to know Forio would often comment that he understood exactly what they were saying and they half expected him to say somthing back.

    I’ve often wondered if other dog owners have experienced this sort of results from a Doberman Mix.

    But like many other dog owners I won’t support breeding for profits. We have always adopetd our dogs and prevent them from having unwanted puppies. But I do reccomend a Doberman Mix if you have a chance to adopt one.


    • Over the years we’ve had primarily generations of Irish Setters and Weimaraners. For a time we were involved with Weimaraner Rescue and fostered a 6 month old Fawn Doberman through a long and confining recovery from hip and leg surgery. At the time we had two Weimaraners. Finn, the eventual name given to this guy, was unbelievably good natured through-out the difficult recovery. We became very attached to Finn and were sad to see him go to his for-ever home.

      Five months ago we had the great fortune to rescue a Doberman-Weimaraner cross. He is the most athletic, beautiful, intelligent and loving dog we’ve ever had. He is a light redish brown with the Dobie markings and a face that is unmistakably Weimaraner. Long soft ears and Weim eyes. Thought to be a year to a year and a half, he quickly went through Therapy Dog qualification and completed his final evaluation this last weekend and is now a Certified Therapy Dog. It all seemed to come naturally to him.

      Now, I’ve never been a fan of the hybrid designer dogs but I have to say if I could clone this dog I would do it in a heartbeat….. This guy absolutely has the best qualities of both breeds!

  7. I have to say seriously how do people start a breed? They begin by mixing breeds. That’s how we got dobermans in the first place! I love my dobbie, she is perfect. But her pure breed little brat self got herself knocked up by a purebred border collie, thanks to my loving lazy 12 year old. So we are about to have a litter of bordermans. But I have to say I’m sure they will be great puppies and will find homes is a good place. Will submit photos when they are born. I’m sure the photos will be of the little rascals in the middle of my bed since that’s where both the puppy’s prefer to be!

  8. We actually breed mixes. “Borderman” border collie doberman cross. We use them on our farm and they make great herding dogs as well as flock protectors. They are super intelligent and loyal to family. Eager to please and very trainable. I understand people who want “pure” dogs. But all dogs come from somewhere dobermans are strictly mutts that were highly sought after for thier willingness to protect. They have been bred for generations. What is wrong with people trying to mix another breed or two to try to find dogs with more than one great quality? Yes more mutts are in shelters, if there were no mutts then it would just be more pure breed dogs.

  9. I was blessed with a Doberman/German shepherd female who lived to be 14. She could be a challenge, but she exhibited the best traits of both breeds. She matured from a hyperactive young dog into a stately, proud, elegant beauty. RIP Lady.

  10. For all you people who are disturbed by cross-breeding, lighten up. Calling cross-breeding a sin is just over the top and ridiculous. Stop this nonsense, the Doberman itself was created through the careful cross-breeding of five different breeds. And all of those breeds, all of every breed was created through selective breeding

  11. 5 weeks ago I apoted a 9 week old lab doberman weimaraner. Hes adorable. Full chocolate in color but a very deep chocolate he looks like a slimmer lab with a skinny dobie like face big weimaraner ears that hang way past his head amd giant lab paws n a thicker torso and a skinny curled upward tail that the end sways side to side as he walks he was a litter of 3 and he was the biggest his smaller brother has red dobie markings on his feet and face. I sumtimes find it hard to see the weimaraner in him. As for his temperment hes good jus so nippy and all he wants to do is bite n chew on your hands 24/7 im doing my best to stop it! But other than that hes very smart he picked up over 6 commands within a week of being home hes 15 weeks now weights in about 33lbs still jus waiting to see how big he will get !

  12. I am a proud owner of a beautiful doberman-poodle mix. I have had many dogs in my time, (pure breeds,etc). She is the most intelligent dog I have ever owned, everyone comments on her behavior and attentiveness. Yes she was the product of a misshap, but the first time I saw this puppy I knew I wanted her, and I did not make a mistake!!
    My pure breeds always ended up with some sort of health problems, (costly). So give a dog a good home no matter what
    they are!!! I you truely are a dog lover!!!

  13. I own what I *think* is a Doberman-Beagle mix. I chanced upon her at an adoption event and she was due to be put down later that day. Of course I had to adopt her! The shelter had no idea about her heritage (they said “terrier mix”, yeah right!) and so I took my Daisy to a dog trainer friend of mine. My friend glanced at Daisy’s muzzle, ears, legs, coat, tail, and a few other common features before quickly saying “Go home and google Beagleman.” Never would I have approached a breeder and requested such a hybrid (firm believer in adoption, here), but knowing that my lovely Daisy is part Doberman answers so many questions about her personality that until recently, I found odd. And I think she’s the most beautiful dog ever. Her body is lean and athletic like a Doberman, she has the gorgeous black coat with brown underside, and her tail is that of an undocked Doberman’s tail, but her muzzle, eyes, and size is definitely Beagle. She’s really a great companion, even though she likes to think she’s a lapdog. At 35 pounds, she’s definitely not!

  14. Back yard breeders. Period. Too many abused, unwanted dogs already. Breed to maintain the integrity of the breed by the breed standard , do genetic and health testing, be an advocate for responsible breeding, Or DONT DO IT AT ALL/ Seriously! Why would anyone want to change the Doberman anyway? To me there are dogs and their are Dobes period. Why disgrace and ruin a good thing. Makes no sense at all. People are stupid who do this and who buy them. It is all about getting attention for themselves. “Look what I have”, “Isnt it cool”. Now I don’t mean this to be disrespectful to those who rescue those poor hybrid dogs, because there will be plenty in rescue, but seriously people. Research the breed you are interested in. Go to shows and observe and ask questions, research health issues and then decide to by a well bred dog with a good healthy pedigree. Dont create a dog. Believe me there is a dog out there that will fit with your personality and family. No question you will find it if you do it correctly. Don’t create more dogs and populate that world with animals who are overpopulated and discarded.

  15. Mixed breeds (mutts) will always be around, whether by accident or on purpose. Thankfully there are plenty of people who appreciate these dogs for their qualities and will give them homes. It is a shame that some people think these dogs are superior and will pay lots of money for designer dogs who will produce pups of any variety of mixture between the two parents. Even more of a shame is the “breeders” who charge ridiculous prices for these mutts and claim they are somehow superior. It has taken many generations to produce our current breeds, and they produce predictable offspring, allowing breeders to control temperment and conformation, and hopefully the propensity for diseases associated with some breeds. The designer dogs will take generationns to claim the same. Do we really need more dog breeds?

  16. I now have a doberman boxer cross . Her name is Shena , she is red and a beautiful dog . Very smart and agile . also very large. She thinks she is one of the family . I raise toy poodles and have a picture of her laying in the bed with this one pound poodle puppy . She is so gentle .

  17. I recently adopted a 9 month old crossbreed who when she was smaller, I thought was a whippet crossbreed. However, within a few weeks of an adequate diet, she’s grown to the extent that she is larger (but not yet heavier) than my collie x lab bitch and collie x male and I suspect that she might be a Doberman crossbreed. Please would someone could enlighten me if I were to provide pictures?

    • Gwen, have you heard of DNA testing for dogs? This could give you some insight. Just be aware the tests are not 100 percent accurate if your dog has a real mixture of breeds in it or if it has some rare breed in it’s makeup it can cause errors in reporting. There are a few companies that do this testing, maybe try a couple of companies out of curiousity.

  18. Had a Doberman Weimeraner cross. Garth. Both were from broadchested wide headed parents. Looked like a hunting doberman with tail and ears intact. Smartest dog in the world. Good judge of charector. life of the party. Fully trained in doggy marshal arts. Other than eating a few porcupines this dog had it all. Ive seen Dobermans built like rotties at a farm in NY. They were awesome. I’d like to cross him with a non-skinny wemie….

  19. We have a Dobie/Whippet, or as I like to say, a Whipperman. She is brilliant, sweet, gorgeous and faster than a speeding bullet. All this purebred nonsense is for breeders and show people. Fine – have your purebreds. They certainly can be beautiful. But they also suffer the injustices of inbreeding: bad hips, bad eyes, short lifespans. I’ll take a crossbred dog anytime, seeing as I have no desire to show or breed them.

  20. TO ALL DOBERMAN BLIND FANS!!!! if u guys feel gross on people cross-breeding a doberman, remember that the first Doberman is also a cross-breed!! all domesticated dogs are hybrid!!! if someone breeding rotterman for a decade, then rotterman would eventually considered as a purebreed…am i wrong???

  21. I have a lab dobie mix who is the best dog I have ever had…have had at least 15 in my life. Her name is Athina. Her mom was a red dobie and dad a very seeet blond lab. She is beautiful, very very smart, non alpha and very sweet. How do I post her photo…would love to.

  22. We had a beautiful blue girl named Luna who was an accident. She was gunmetal blue resulting from a blue doberman and a blue weimaraner. She was so intelligent, gentle, loving but also very independant and stubborn. She was the best dog I’ve ever owned and would love to find another like her. We lost her one week ago to a freak accident but she will forever hold my heart.

  23. Don, I had a doberman X border collie and he was beautiful. Sadley he passed away on Sunday. I can’t count the number of times that someone asked what breed he was because he was such a fabulous looking dog. Not only that, he had a wonderful temperament – he was a very special dog and I can’t express how much I will miss him. I’m not sure how I can let you see what he looked like?

    I don’t understand some people here who can’t seem to realise that dogs are living creatures – talk like ‘refining their gene pool’ wouldn’t be tolerated in any conversation about human beings! My dog was part of my family and he was much loved and THAT is the main thing!

  24. I personally have a Dobie-Rott. We were looking for a pure breed dobie but when we came across the add for our now family member of over 2 years, we decided to take him home. He looks more dobie than rott but has qualities of both and is very intelligent and loyal. Both of his parents were papered but the couple that adopted him were not the best for him. I wont go in to details but he only had two weeks. So my now fiance drove 50 miles and paid 25 dollars for him and he is now our child since I can not have any. So yes some dogs turn out ugly when mixing breeds but we were lucky. Plus I volunteer at a shelter often and some of the most ugly dogs turn out to be the cutest and best family members or pets. So please dont judge right away.

  25. I have rescued 3 doberman mixes from a local dobie rescue and they are amazing dogs…all neutered of course. My whippet x dobie girl is an amazing mixture of smart alert regal doberman with speedy semi-shy underthecovers dog who wins everyone over with her sweet elegant and superfast look. The doberman x beagle girl is another unique mix of protective children loving dobie with hunting sniffing tendencies of the hound dog. She is dwarfed by dobermans and dwarfs all beagles. The one male doberman x german short hair is like a super smart pointer who is hyper alert to his owner (me) and an awesome tracker who will lead me back to the trailhead no matter what the terrain is and how convoluted a path we’ve taken in the mountains, the desert or the plains.
    While I wouldn’t choose to breed these dogs, dobie blood in any other breeds gives a highly intelligent edge to whatever the mix may be.

  26. I have bred and owned many Dobes but my situation now is I need a smaller dog but with a Dobe’s brains and temperment. My first choice would be a Whippet hybred Dobe. Is anyone creating them.

  27. i have had 2 doby/labs both accidents that would have been put down. They are fantastic dogs and both totally different. first 1 was daft as a brush, fearless, great with kids and the body shape of a dobe, lived till he was 14. 2nd is so smart it’s scary, knows more words then most people i know, skittish and very chunky. but both of them have suffered with arthritis in their hips. don’t judge unless you get to know these hybrids. love them both, would’nt change them for anything.

  28. i have a pure bred dobe and also a dobe /rotty she is fantastic, she was so easy to train and i agree with the quote about mixing up the gene pool, i would buy a dobe cross again from a shelter, there is a huge market for pure breed animals and this has created the puppy farming industry, if you want to stamp out anything stamp out that.

  29. I now own a male rottweiler n a female doberman . I hope to breeed this 2 breed to get a new breed call ” Roman “

  30. I think enough cross breeding has gone into the dobe to make it the Best Breed out there. Dobermans are the only breed I would own, they are so fantastic to be with. I think refining their own gene pool to make what they are already to be healthier is a good thing, i.e., reducing heart disease, Von Wilderbrand’s, or CHD.
    It really cheapens and is very insulting to the Doberman breed to mix in a poodle or a lab, etc. for a new designer dog. I don’t agree with these new designer dogs and I think designing with other breeds is stupid and ugly. I love my Dobermans just the way they are, so people please leave Dobermans out of this messed up idea of newer designer dogs!
    Louis Doberman got it right the first time, so leave dobes alone.
    Please find something else to do if you are that bored or not so smart 🙂

  31. Me and my coworkers are planning to breed Doodleman Pinchers i believe they are wonderful and high quality dogs. They are a unique breed that if mixed correctly can have outstanding results. All dogs were created by mixing so to get different breeds you must mix again. I love all dogs but my two favorites are poodles and Doberman Pinchers so why not mix them. They are both great looking dogs with friendly personalities if treated and trained correctly. The people who are against hybrid breeding have a lack of creativity.

  32. I used to be an avid hybrid downer. I hated the thought of deliberately crossing purebreds to create nothing but mutts, thousands of which every year are put to sleep because no one wants them. I’ve seen so many of these “designer dogs” in shelters that I have worked at, and so many of them were skipped over when visitors came to adopt because they did not have a purebred or cute little “designer” name.

    However, after I tackled a research project for one of my undergrad classes and was forced to look at both arguments for and against designer dogs with an objective and neutral view, I realized that almost all of today’s purebreds started off just like these new designer dogs.

    I am not fond of the wanton breeding that has come about with the arrival of recent designer dogs. Aimless and unethical breeding leads to puppy mill, unwanted dogs, and an increase in the euthanasia rate, as well as many debilitating mental and physical problems. But we find these problems in any cases of sudden increased popularity and breeding. When the movie “Underdog” came out, there was a jump in the breeding and sales of beagles, and then there was a jump in the number of beagles being surrendered to shelters and euthanized or simply abandoned. Same with Dalmatians when “101 Dalmatians” was released.

    “Designer dogs” are not so bad on their own. It is the unscrupulous breeding that comes from the sudden popularity of such a “fad.” Breeds being crosses for a purpose other than appearance or “cuteness” are in no way different than the creation of the Doberman or the German shepherd so many years ago. As long as there are rules and standards that are enforced among a circle of dedicated, ethical, and scrupulous breeders who truly want to create a useful and better dog, then there is no problem.

    But when you have a breeder that argues that labradoodles are superior dogs because they are hypoallergenic and better in every way than the parent breeds, you know you are dealing with someone who is contributing nothing to the development of the labradoodle as a “breed” but rather perpetuating the blatant disregard for lives they hold in their control. It is not true that cross-breeds are better than their parent breeds in health or anything else. True, the first generation is often a healthier individual, though not always. The second generation, though, is almost always a complete combination of both parent breeds’ flaws.

    Also, “hybrid” is an incorrect term for such “designer dogs.” Hybrids are a cross of species, such a wolves and dogs or lions and tigers, not beagles and Dobermans which are within the same species.

    And don’t believe anyone when they say that any dog is hypoallergenic. Some dogs have less aggravating dander – such as poodles, shih tzus, etc – but all dogs do have dander, even those hairless Chinese Cresteds.

    So when considering a “designer dog,” always look at adoption first. But if you really must go to a breeder, take your time choosing the perfect breeder before you ever look at the parents or puppies. Do plenty of research on the truth about what you are getting, not the propaganda that says “Oh, they’re cute! And so much healthier than the parents!” Then, once you are sure you have found a responsible and appropriate breeder, take a look at both parents. The finally, look at the puppies. But don’t be taken in by the first cute little bundle you find. Take your time. A lifetime of happiness and memories is worth waiting months or even years to find your perfect companion.

  33. The Doberman itself is a fairly young breed and is comprised of a concoction of pure breeds(GSD, Manchester Terrier, Black Greyhound and more) to create what Louis Dobermann wanted in his working protection dog. For detailed history with photos see:

    The Dobermann IS a mix of dogs but created with a working PURPOSE.
    I shun these recent “designer dogs” as they seem to have no purpose other than the novelty or for looks. There are plenty of wonderful animals, “pure breeds” or mixes available and in need of home, I hope all choose to ADOPT rather than support this nonsense!

    I found my wonderful rescued friend at http://dobierescue.org/

  34. To g.fox

    Heads up. Before you go out and say something about mixed humans, watch who you say it to since I am also a beautifully mixed person. I am talking about the mixing of Dobermans, not humans. I agree with your assessment about mixing breeds to make a better gene pool, but mixing a Doberman and a poodle is just odd! That is my thoughts and you did not have to try and get personal with me.

  35. We wanted a puppy so:
    1. looked for an accident: backyard breeding is cruel and is the only reason so many dogs are in homes and put down every month(Unless they’re specific working breeds)
    2. A cross has more genetic vigour, is smarter, is less inbred, has statistically less chance of illness adn lives longer. Exactly the same for humans. Vanity with dogs is unbelievable.
    3. Wanted a doberman cross: found a doby lab cross, Henry who is currently 7 weeks old, over 4kg, unbelievably smart, all black. Couldn’t be happier: he will make a great addition to the family with the best traits for each without the inbred genes. This cross (having read many articles is a superdog!)

  36. Have a 4 year-old doberman/rot cross that came from Doberman rescue. What a wonderful dog! He replaces a Doberman/Norwegian Elkhound cross that was an absolutely fabulous dog, but a mistake. Got him as a puppy from a farm and he was offspring of two show dogs that were not meant to breed. My best dog ever. I personally like Doberman crosses and didn’t realize the mix I have now was being bred by a bunch of folks. Also own a German Shephard. Both high intelligence breeds, however, the Dobermans tend to be far more independent and would like to run the house if you’ll let them.

  37. I dont see how people that claim to understand the evolution of the dog, can honestly have problems with the crossing of breeds. These whiners need to remember that so called pure bred dogs are the products of years of crossing and experimentation. Crossing dogs is what brought pure bred dogs of all varieties, into being in the first place. There is a place for crossed bred dogs , as well as there is a place for pure bred dogs.

  38. Looking at todays standards of the doberman it looks as though we have created a dog much differant to what Herr Loius Dobermann wanted to create. He bred for fearlessness, strength, protective, courage and intellegance. How is it now that breeders are breeding for the show ring. Where is the purpose for this breed? Louis Dobermann had a purpose in mind now we are just breeding for looks, following what is written and dictated on paper for “Breed Standards”. Do you think that Herr Dobermann would appreciate a lean, slender dog with no other purpose than to win titles and become a brood bitch. This breed should be used for what is was created for and have some sense of purpose in why it was bred. Yes this breed was bred for aggressiveness when it was created but now that we have domesticated and bred for even-tempered dogs, dont you think that we have created the ultimate in working and guarding.

  39. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the active breeding of dogs, I have rescued three dobie hybrids from a local dobie rescue organization and I couldn’t be happier. Love Dobermans and their crosses. Can you imagine a doberman and beagle cross? Smarter How about a doberman x pointer? And then there’s the dobie x whippet. Faster than lightening, smarter and sweeter than you can fathom. (collectively these animals spent more than over 4 years waiting for me to bring them home!!
    Please don’t breed your dogs, either purebreds or hybrids. Backyard breeding is cruel and we all know that most of the pups will spend some time in a shelter or rescue and probably half of them will be put to sleep becuase of overpopulation. If you breed, you should rescue your pups forever. Can’t do it? Don’t do it!!

  40. This hybrid breeding binge is a disgrace to Louis Doberman and all his work. This man spent years attempting to perfect this breed, and he, in my opinion, succeeded. The Doberman is already a wonderful dog and there is absolutely no need to improved on it. Its not possible anyway. Respect Herr Louis Doberman and his wonderful creation, dont dilute it with other breeds. Besides, how do you know whether youre getting the best traits from both breeds…maybe youre getting the worst, and how would you ever know the difference?

    • I am afraid that the Doberman will need another breed introduced into it’s gene pool for the sake of breed survival.
      I pray that there will be some breeders who want to save the breed enough to forgo show quality and focus more on breeding for longevity and good health.

  41. I don’t see a problem with crosses like this. people can still get a purebred if they like but i personally like the fact that I can have my mini poodle x roman nose bull terrier (yes, you read that right) up on my couch or all through my house without him leaving a single hair or any smell! To all those who thinks it’s “disgusting” or “sick” probably need to take a good hard look at themselves. I wonder if they are genetically perfect? They sound like over zealous freaks!

  42. come on guys its not gross people love thier dogs and you don’t know if they are doing it on purpose anyway how do you think we got today’s dogs here a hint
    BY CROSSING DIFFRENT BREEDS dogs are dogs what they look like doesn’t matter thier personality is what counts

  43. anybody agreeing to this kinds of crosses are sick in the head. and breeders doing it are tossing away more than 100 years of careful selective breeding to produce them as we know them today,we know it all began like this,but that was the past! today’s fearless & alert doberman are beautiful to watch,do you want to help? improve DON’T remake!!

  44. I have a Rotterman 6 month old pup…she is absolutely gorgeous, she has the beautiful structure and temperment of a dobe, and the facial beauty and thickness of a rotty.. she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and if you do some more research you will see that many top breaders argue that hybrids are superior to purebreads because they mix up the gene pool creating a super bright and brilliant cross. I am a mixed gurl, and so is my pup, and we are the most beautiful in the world…hay nancy do you think whites should stick to whites and blacks to blacks too lol…if all it takes is a beautiful hybrid dog to disturb you , you obviously havent tuned in or are too ignorant to understand the genocides that are occuring in the world today, children are needlessly dieing daily, thats disgusting, not a beautiful hybrid dog. Im not sure about the other smaller hybrid crosses of dobe, I agree they are negating the beautiful structure of the doberman, but the Rotterman is an increadible cross and represents the best of both dobe and rotty all in one.

  45. How disturbing is this! I cannot believe people are doing that with dobermans. I always snorted a little about the golden doodle and maltipoo hybrids I saw, but this is just too much! They look confused: what do I do? Do I herd sheep or protect the house. It’s disturbing!


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