The Doberman Gang Movie

doberman gang 70's movie

Did you know they made a movie about Dobermans robbing a bank?!

Not only did they make it, but it has 3 sequels, believe it or not.

The Doberman Gang is a movie from 1972 about an ex-con, waitress, and a few of their friends who train a pack of Dobermans to rob banks.  And no, the Doberman Gang is not based on a true story. But Dobermans are a smart breed and very trainable that it makes the movie almost believable.

There were three sequels that followed include  The Daring Dobermans (1973), The Amazing Dobermans (1976), and the lesser-known Alex and the Doberman Gang (1980).

You can watch the Doberman Gang trailer here.


Doberman Gang Dog Names

In the first movie, there are six Dobermans each named after a famous bank robber. Dillinger (John Dillinger), Bonnie (Bonnie Parker), Clyde (Clyde Barrow), Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, and Ma Barker.

Rotten Tomatoes‘ shows an audience review score of 60%. If you love Dobermans or fun b-movies from the seventies, I would add The Doberman Gang movie to your collection.

Lastly, here’s some movie trivia for you. This movie received the first “No Animals Were Harmed” credit ever issued to a movie by the American Humane Society.

The Dobermans Gang DVD is sometimes hard to find, but it turns up once in a while on eBay or Amazon. You can click on the image below to see if it’s currently available for sale. You can also try to find the full movie online. 

I think a new Doberman Gang movie would make a fun remake. Would you like to see a new Hollywood remake?

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  1. The doberman gang movie was the hardest movie to come across. After a 2 year search, I finally found it
    , it was worth the challange.

  2. Sandy if you want to buy the video you can either click on the ebay photos above or you can do a search of the ebay or amazon store for your country.

  3. As of 2009 I am 44, I watched this movie as a child and it was Great! Never forgot it.
    I decided to search for it to show my kids, low and behold
    Here it is. Found it right away.


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