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Doberman Colors

June 6th, 2008 Posted in Doberman Health & Care

Most people are familiar seeing the Doberman in the traditional black and tan colors, sometimes called black and rust. While this is the most common coloring, dobes are also seen in 3 other allowed colors. Dobermans are available in a red color which looks more of a brownish-red coloring. Below you see the traditional black and tan doberman and a red doberman.

Black & Tan Doberman | Red Doberman

Blue Doberman | Fawn Doberman

Seen even less often, the Doberman dog is also available in fawn and blue.

Blue dobermans and fawn dobermans are both color dilutions, the fawn doberman (or sometimes called Isabella color) being a diluted red and the blue being a diluted black. These colors are sometimes discouraged from breeding and are considered a disqualifying fault in some dog shows. Even so it’s felt that these dogs are not inferior to the reds or blacks if good breeding is present.

White Doberman

Another color that exists in Dobermans is the white or light colored cream dog. The white doberman pinscher was created from inbreeding and are considered partial albino dobermans. It’s common knowledge that these white dobermans have health problems and behavioural issues. They commonly have skin and eye sight problems like photo sensitivity. As a result of not being sure of it’s surroundings at times, this leads some dogs to fear biting. Some countries have banned the breeding of this dog mutation and breeders are encouraged not to breed for this color. It is seen as inhumane to the dog due to the serious health concerns.

The white Doberman does look interesting but again care should be taken that breeders avoid introducing these dogs into their bloodlines. Consumers and dog lovers also need to be educated and avoid purchasing these dogs and made aware that these white dogs should not command a higher sale price.

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99 Responses to “Doberman Colors”

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  2. Ashley Says:

    The dogs in this are really beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! The one in white what type of doby is this????

  3. Brooke Schwab Says:

    The albinos are very hard to take care of i wish people would quit breeding them. I have a male isabella named Apollo and a femal black and tan named annie we are expecting puppies any day now!!

  4. miller Says:

    get rid of the whites no time for bad dogs

  5. george Says:

    i have a question i have a blue dover and i want to know whats good to giveum so they can be strong,i’m giving him yukanuba what do u request for him thanks

  6. Jaki Says:

    Hi George,
    check out the website dogfoodanalysis.com
    It should help you out.

  7. sarah Says:

    there is nothing wrong with white dobermans. they are not albino their eyes are blue. albinos have pink eyes. they are just another color variation such as the red or blue. if there is something wrong with it, it’s not because of its color.

  8. steve Says:

    There is a problem with the white dobe. It is born out of inbreeding. Ppl should not be breeding these animals. As far as loving them as a dog, absolutely. But it is not good for the breed’s future to perpetuate this mutation. They have KNOWN health issues far beyond the regular dobe. If you are uninformed pls get informed before speaking on the subject. Ppl who breed these animals are only concerned about earning $$ and not the animals.

    As for good foods there are so many nowadays. I use Innova Red Meat food for my dog and healthy ppl food and he is healthy as a horse.

  9. Shelby Says:

    RE: SARAH- please you are uninformed. The skin is Red/pink not the eyes. yes they are blue but that does not mean the dog is “white” it is ALBINO, there is no such thing as a white Doberman. Albino is not a variation of color it is a lack of color. Anyone who tries to sell an Albino Doberman has an inferrior breeding program, they are culls. While they may appear striking they have skin problems and are prone to sun burn. They cannot be shown and you will NEVER EVER find a Champion Albino Doberman.

  10. marie Says:

    Sarah: I have to agree, albinos have red eyes not blue…so that kind of confuses me (Only on this subject because I wanted a little bit of advise before getting a white Doberman. They are very pretty, but I think now Im having a few doubts.) The only reason I am writing is because as I was reading through I found one message that said “get rid of the whites no time for bad dogs” writen by “miller”! I found that message not helpful in the least, being a person just looking for information on a dog I like. As far as what information you’ve given, I believe there is no such thing as a bad dog but there is such thing as a bad owner. Treat them right and the will do the same. So see “miller” to make my point your message was not only informationless to me and everyone else, it was also showing how much of a dog lover you are not,If you were you would be giving information on the health issues and such like everyone else. Maybe you should think about that before commenting on another animal site.


  11. Marie Says:

    I actually own a beautiful white doberman named Kapone and he is my baby. He is very gentle and extremely good with children. But I will say that i have never spent so much money on vet bills on any dog I’ve ever owned in my life. Not only has he got sensitive skin, he has stomach problems as well. We also own a blue female and she has been much easier to take care of. I was not aware of the health problems white dobermans have and if i had I may not have gotten him. But health problems or no, like I said he is my baby, I love him sooo much and I wouldnt trade him for the world. Even if he is expensive to keep healthy.

  12. Shira Says:

    Regarding the albinism debate and eye color: albinism can be partial in mammals (and also birds, even wild ones), and can come from various mutations in the genome. An animal can have albino skin & hair, but still have normal eye color; this is called partial albinism. The animal is still considered an albino, however, because it carries an albinistic mutation. Sometimes the mutation is harmful, sometimes it is not. Siamese cats are a classic example of a harmless albino mutation; they are genetically albino, but the mutation only affects the hair, and it is temperature-dependent. The mutation producing the albino color only functions at high temperature, hence the hair close to the body (where temps are warm) is albino, and the hair at the cooler extremities (ears, face, tail) reverts to the default color of the cat (usually the classic dark color, but sometimes orange, etc. based on what color genes are dominant). If inbreeding or line breeding is used in any breed of animal to create an albino animal, there is a good chance that the animal will have health problems because of harmful recessive traits that crop up with the subsequent lack of genetic diversity. Spontaneous albino mutations can potentially occur in any mammal (i.e. albino from parents with no albinistic mutations), but they are very, VERY rare.

  13. Nick Says:

    My name is nick. i am wanting to buy a doberman puppy as a pet because i have heard how intellegent and easily trainable they are. plus i have always wanted a bigger dog that i could run around and play with in the back yard. i have been reading up on the breed since i have never owned one, and have found alot of good information about them. however one thing that i have seen on most of the websites is that they do not like to be left alone for long periods of time, even in fenced in back yards. this makes sence, but i also have to work for a living. my biggest fear is the dog getting and then him getting into mischef while im at work. plus i want to keep him as happy as i can once i get one. i want to know what i can do to make his time better when he has to be alone. are there any kinds of toys or things i can leave in that would give him the stimulation that i have heard they need while im at work? let me no what you do for your dobes while your away. thank you.

  14. Jaki Says:

    Nick I think all dogs are pack animals that don’t like being left alone, this includes dobes. Personally I work long shifts and what works for me is that I have two dobes to keep each other company. They get alot of play time together running and wrestling in the fenced yard (like 3-4 hours) then when it’s time for me to leave for work they are so tired, they naturally will fall asleep inside the house. Also don’t give them free rein of the house, maybe just the kitchen or a bedroom, just in case they get into trouble if bored, (use a baby gate). Kongs with peanut butter are great too, but these only last so long. Hope this helps you decide.

  15. Sally Says:

    In most mammals (including humans) true albinos have pink eyes because they have no pigment at all. The genes are often recessive: a parent carrying a gene won’t show any sign that they have it. It takes two copies of the gene to be an albino.

    In horses, there’s something called partial albinism. A horse with partial albinism has a cream-coloured coat, white mane and tail and blue eyes. They have a small amount of pigment, which makes the coat cream and the eyes blue.

    To be a partial albino, the horse needs two copies of the partial albino gene. If the horse has only one gene, it makes the underlying colour paler. A red (also called sorrel or chestnt) horse becomes pale gold (also called palomino or isobella).

    I wonder if this is what happens with dobermanns. Ie, If a black dog has one partial ablbinism gene, it becomes blue. If it has two, it bcomes white.

    If a red dog has one partial albinism gene, it becomes isabella/fawn. If it has two, it becomes white.

    What do the breeders think?

  16. tanya Says:

    I have a albino he is the best dog that i ever had . So smart and loves attention. Knock on wood no problems for him. I do believe that they do have a soft stomach . So whats the right dog food or treats to feed them

  17. charlie Says:

    I have had dobes for over 20 years blks, blue, and now white, i must be lucky because my wht dobe is a big lovable dog with no health problems. people are intitled to their own opinons though. i will admit he does squent in direct sunlight but so does every human being. i will also say that certain people should’nt be allowed to breed either (like know it alls that are never happy with their own lives) but they do. good people raise good dogs. a colored or non colored dogs are only going to be as well behaved as the owners. by the way you will have some health issues with all animals they are a living thing that takes just as much care as most children

  18. reina Says:

    umm yes albinos can have blue eyes because the lack of pigmentation leads the iris to look opaque, therefore a pale icy blue.

  19. Paul Says:

    Hello to all, my family and myself have bred and raised Dobermans for over 40 years. We mainly have had Black, Red and Isabella colored Dobermans, although we have a 3 year old White bitch named Saint. White dobermans are actually light cream main colored with white markings. They do have blue eyes and excellent eye sight. Saint is very intelligent, has a great thick coat, and has absolutely no hearing problems. Her eyes are a little sensitive to bright light until they adjust. She has had no health problems and we will be breeding her. I recommend anyone buying a White Doberman to search for AKC registered dogs.

  20. nellie Says:

    The breeding of the albino Doberman is disgusting and anyone who supports this interbreeding is also disgusting! And I say albino because it is not a colour it is the complete opposite a lack of colour I would never entertain a breeder of the albino Doberman and those breeders who describe the dog as rare and desirable are idiots that have no interest in healthy dogs just lining their pockets it makes me feel sick. there is no need to look into the genetics of the dog to prove the breeding is all wrong just looking at the dog should be proof enough. I am a veterinary nurse and kennel club registered Doberman breeder in the UK. Breeding of the fawn and blue is accepted by kennel club although most breeders do not breed these colours or see them as questionable but the so called “white” is a massive NO NO! The dogs are victim to bad breeding which is upsetting and should be stopped.

  21. Jessica Says:

    I own a white Dobeman “Tierra” who is now 7 years old. She is the best dog that I have ever owned. She does not have any health problems what so ever! Great skin and coat, awesome temperment, etc… As with any dog, problems are caused by poor breeding. Research your breeder!

  22. Nikki Says:

    I have a comment about the white doberman puppies. I have owned a white puppy because my red female and black and tan male made 4 white puppies. The white puppies are not a MUTATION GENE that has never been proven and is a lie. The white doberman I kept has never had any health problems in the four years I have owned her. The vet told me the breeders usually put the white puppies to sleep and any animal lover would not do such a thing. The vet could not give me any reason not to keep the puppies or give them away to people who might want or even to sale the puppies. If white dobermans were not meant to exist God would not have produced them. The white doberman is obedient and beautiful also good with my children. She has always lived inside out of the sun. People should not judge what God has made just because they are wrong.

  23. Ashley Says:

    For General information:

    The white coloring of a Doberman IS the result of a genetic mutation. It does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the dog itself. From what i have learned over the years, and from my families history with dobermans, the coloring can be an issue. It is not accepted by AKC for show (though the dog can still be registered and bred- although this practice is frowned upon) Although labeling the dogs albino or even partial is a common misunderstanding. The genetic mutation that occurs to create the white coat is not the same of that that occurs in albino dogs. There is alot of controversy on this subject. And all anyone can do is take the best care of their animal as possible. : )

  24. B-ri Says:

    Have some bad news for people that are upset about white dobies being the result of inbreeding. Brace yerselves for it… ALMOST ALL PUREBRED DOGS ARE THE PRODUCT OF INBREEDING! Somewher down the line, someone decided to select for certain traits, and breed for said traits. That means a very shallow gene pool to start out with. Take for example the Bullmastiff. Today an incredibly regal and majestic dog. However we can trace it’s roots back to the late 19th century whence it was bred to halt poachers on gamekeepers land.They tried the English Mastiff; Too passive: poachers got away. They tried the Bulldogge (the original, not the chunky lil chap with respiratory problems that people are ga-ga over today); Too vicious: tore the poachers to shreds before they could hang them as an example. VOILA!!! They interbred the two and then bred the offspring (for several generations, I might add) and out popped what is in my opinion the finest canine ever produced. The white dobie has long since outgrown the initial inbreeding through which the breed was developed,as the Bullmastiff once did. That is why the AKC registers them (albeit with the distinguishable Z designation much in part to the decrying of folks whonm think they are much smarter than they are in the area of all things wise and wonderful). Of course, as is the case with ANY short haired whit dog, there are limitatipns to sun exposure, much the same as with fair-haired humans-They both sunburn easily. No-brainer. In the next 15 to 20 years, folks will be bucked off of their high-horses, and the Z designation will be dropped in the AKC registration, and people will be free to love these animals as they should and not revile.

    Furthermore, whilst I don’t as of yet own one… I think I shall purchase one just to chagrin the louts that scream so loudly about topics such as this, illegal immigrants taking their jobs, and globak warming being an utter farce.

  25. Ellie Says:

    White dobermans came from 1 dog…I repeat…1 dog…whos children were repeatedly bred back to her until more were produced.

    AKC registered the first one…it is a purebred…but it is not allowed to show…just because it says AKC doesn’t make it right.

    Bottom line…its irresponsible to propagate unhealthy breeding. Its not fair to the animals first and foremost. Second its not fair to the unknowing animal lover out there who ends up with said unhealthy animal.

    Dobermans are beautiful…proud…noble…intelligent dogs and deserve the best we can give them…and breeding them to be sickly and have health problems is NOT the best we can give them.

    Shame on anyone who does.

  26. Alex Fischer Says:

    Anyone who wants to buy an albino doberman, please visit the Doberman Pincher Club of America and read on the Albino Doberman. http://dpca.org/albino/albino_about.htm The website also has a lot of information for anyone wanting information about the Dobermans. The Albino doberman is NOT a WHITE doberman. There is no such thing as a white doberman. If you have an Albino you should love it like you would any dog. However it is discouraged to breed these Dobermans because of their health issues. People who breed Albino dobermans only care about the money and not the breed, they sell them for more money saying they are “rare”.

  27. Joy Says:

    I have a fawn doverman she turned three months yesterday her name is clare

  28. Andi Says:

    For those who say albino’s have red eyes, are very misinformed. Albinism is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of an enzyme involved in the production of melanin. Blue eyes is actually a lack of pigment in the iris. These dogs eyes are quite large and thus produces enough pigment to lend opacity to the eye, often colouring the iris pale blue. However, there are cases in which the eyes of an albinistic animal appear red or purple, depending on the amount of pigment present. Some albino animals do have red or pink eyes because of the lack of pigmentation, what you are seeing the the blood behind their eyes.

    Not all white dobermans will have skin issues, and other health issues. But most of them will. If you have a white and healthy doberman consider yourself lucky.

  29. khristan Says:

    i have a dobe,her father is black and his mother is red.how did my dobe becomes golden brown?i mean pure golden brown.i searched the web but i can’t find answers…please someone give ideas about this…thanks!!!

  30. flower Says:

    I have a Blue doberman, white doberman and Black and Tan Doberman and I think the white and blue are better dogs then the black and tan. The blue and white are both puppies from are black and tans it is in there back ground so what are you trying to say these puppies don`t deserve to live what kind of animal lover are you You know who you are

  31. Jess Says:

    wow…i totally agree with flower. It’s like saying you dont like people of colour. What does it matter what colour a dog is. People adopt children from other countries and still love them the same. It’s just the colour of the dog……HEllo it’s still a DOBERMAN! I have one of every colour and i don’t see the difference they play the same, love the same, eat the same, and bark the same.

  32. wallace Says:

    what color puppies will a blue female doberman and a black and tan male doberman most likely produce? just curious. thanks

  33. Brian R Says:

    My uncle had a albino doberman for 15 years and was the best dog ever. Ya’ll need to learn how to take care of dogs and shut up.

  34. krys Says:

    I think it needs to be said… that while whites are beautiful, intelligent, loving and just as wonderful as any other color of dobe, the akc doesn’t accept them.
    its not that they are bad dogs… yall need to get off your high horses… just understand that as far as breed standard is concerned they are frowned upon…
    everyone is taking offense to that… why?
    It’s just a fact… AKC doesn’t want them in the gene pool…. standing up for the standard is what keeps our dobes as wonderful as they are… furthering a trait that isn’t considered “correct” (yeah … if you love them its correct) then you might as well cross that awesome dobe with that great confirmation intelligence and temperament with a mutt. I love my dobes the way they are… I stick to breed standard, so as not to change the breed, and possibly further the health problems so many have….
    my first dobe was white, I rescued him, he was def, and blind in one eye, as well he was a fear biter, he passed at only 3 years of age due to cancer… some people get lucky with health issues… I was informed of problems and gave home the best home I could.
    I also understand that just because they are here doesn’t mean you should TRY to breed them. if they POP up, that’s one thing… but don’t be an irresponsible breeder and try for a dog that will diminish the breed standard.

    they are all incredible dogs… just be responsible.

    stupid is real common around here eh?

  35. anna Says:

    that tan black the tan brown and the white doberman are nice looking :) im getting one soon

  36. kendal Says:

    Actually, any real research will show that white Dobermans are not albino. This matter was also of large debate with the German shepherd, which was later accepted. Not only is the white Doberman not albino, but ALL health problems that have been found in white dobermans can be found in other colors as well except for skin sensitivity which is found in all short haired white dogs. The white Doberman is not an inbred retard but a beautiful color variation of the Doberman breed.

  37. anthony phillips Says:

    i think that we should do what is best for the breed . it seems like we should not make arguments to support our own particular interest . meaning dont split hairs over whether or not its albino , or white when making a decision of to breed or not to breed . if these dogs , and i say if mind you have more health , and behaviour problems than the other dobermans please dont breed these white dogs . please dont make more problems than the breed already has ! just because you think they look cute does not mean that the dog is comfortable when his health problems persist and flair up . it seems like common sense that you should never ever breed a white doberman ! on the othe hand i think that they do have a right to live if you the owner can afford all the high vet bills than you can enjoy your white , albino dibe as your pet . remember please dont be a moron and breed these dogs ever !

  38. Jaki Says:

    thankyou Anthony, we need to do what’s best for the breed in the long term and I’m pretty sure Mr. Louis Dobermann did not want the white dobermans entering the lineage.

  39. Bruce Says:

    About 15 yrs ago when I still lived in the US (Virginia) I was introduced to a breeder of white Dobes. He claimed because of the blue eyes that they were not albinos and had a fair amount of references from happy owners who claimed they had no uncommon problems. HOWEVER I have also read a vast number of reports from people who claim to have skin, eye, stomach, and bone issues with their whites.

    If I ever have a white it will be a rescue. I would not buy one and encourage their breeding. There are just to many reports of health risks, and all just so you can have one in a white color. Personally I think the standard colors are quite beautiful but then I’m a bit biased as my “Princess” is a red.

  40. Michael Says:

    I am not a dog breeder or trainer, nor have I too much experience raising dogs. I am certainly responsible with dogs and have a lot of experience around them, I was raised with them.

    I want my future Doberman to have the best foundation of development and training, something that I fear I will not be able to provide myself.

    So my question is this- If I send my puppy to a very nice behavioral/ obedience/ training school, how well will my Doberman re-integrate into the household?

    A second question- I am single with no kids, if I get married and have kids, how is the Doberman’s temperment with learning to live with more people after probably a few years with just me?

  41. Jaki Says:

    Hello Michael, I too am not a breeder/trainer but I am now on dobe number 3 and have worked with them as security dogs. I would say it’s do-able with certain preparation.
    My advice is to start with a doberman that has excellent genetics/temperament. When you visit a breeder, ask to see the mother and father to judge their “friendliness” and get references. Also when you see a wonderfully behaved dobe in public, ask the owner what breeder it’s from. Then of course laying a good foundation of basic obedience is essential, that’s fine if someone else teaches the basics but when the pup comes home to you it needs to feel confidence and trust that you’re the alpha leader now. Some people are better at this than others and some dogs (regardless of breed) are easier to train than others. There will of course be some adjustment as the dog learns what’s expected in it’s new house. Read all you can about dog behaviour to understand things from their point of view. As far as going from a one person house to a family environment this is doable if the dog is socialized around children. This socialization needs to continue even after puppy-hood on a consistent basis. Exposure to children is essential to even an adult dog. Use it or loose it.
    If you regularly have visitors over to the house, this should do. The dog should respect who the alpha leader/you decide is allowed into your house or “pack”. Hope this helps with your decision making.

  42. jewels Says:

    I am proud to say I own a white doberman male one of the best i have ever had as a companion I also have kids and he thinks he is one of them. He has had no health problems very easy trained. As far as the akc lots of dogs that ar registered with them now did not start out with them they accept new breeds all the time. Myself I dont like akc I would rather deal with A.P.R.I. any day they dont want to break your bank every time you deal with them. I have had alot of dobermans over the years all colors the color does not make the dog what makes the dog is how you raise it train it love it and socialize them. You need to remember all dogs came from the wolf and though breeding such as line breeding and inbreeding we have a wide variety of dogs some good some not so good but they all deserve our love and care no matter what.

  43. Red Says:

    possibly the most frustrating comment thread in history… all I have to say is this – first – the dogs that exist, I’m sure they’re all wonderful. I’m not for one second saying they’re not great dogs and I’m sure you love them. I’m a trainer & I deal with head cases and dogs bred for looks that are nothing but looks all the time. Regardless of anything else – it is a well documented FACT that these white “Dobermans” are predestined for medical and/or mental issues at a shockingly high percentage compared to all other colors. Any reputable Dobe breeder will react with horror at the idea of continued or purposed breeding of these poor dogs. If at some point the color can come about without promoting bad health and temperament, then that’s great. I don’t want to see an outstanding breed tarnished by this uneducated, irresponsible behavior. It’s despicable. Please, it’s been said before in this thread – you are online – use google, educate yourself about this subject!!! You’ll see for yourself the conclusion and stance that the Doberman community has taken on this.

  44. nika koenig Says:

    you are forgetting one thing
    Dobermanns where breed from Weimaraners
    So Isabella color and the variations- it is totally normal considering this )))))

  45. zach Says:

    i hav a red doberman right now and i luv her to death and once one of my dogs die we might get a blue doberman do u hav any suggestions otherwise

  46. charlie Says:

    I have a beautiful loving white dobe, he is very healthy and weights in at a nice 92 his skin is good

  47. debra Says:

    i have a white doverman and he is very loving hes six years old no health problem until last week he started falling like his front claws wants to turn in while he walks has anyone every had this proble please let meknow?
    But to everyone that has question about wanting to buy one i just like to say the are special its like having a special child they cant see good in sun light late afternoon best for him’and to those that say put them down do you put special children down!

  48. jayn Says:

    I grew up with black and tan dobermans from the age of 3, I now have a beautiful fawn and tan called Senya who literally stops traffic! I am looking for a blue and tan puppy to join her but the only litter I have found seems to be for a lady that has v negative feedback from. Does anyone know of a reputable blue and tan breeder in the UK as I don’t believe shipping a puppy from the states is good.

  49. Jordan Says:

    Breeding white dobermans is like defecating in your own gene pool. Except it’s all our gene pool to share. How much pain is tolerated so someone can have a “cool” looking dog? It’s ignorance of the worst kind. common sense be damned.

  50. Tonie Says:

    O”k this is crazy! i did some research and the original dam did have a white and the male pup (yes male) was breed with sis litter mates to keep getting the white color.
    I am not intowhite vs. albino thing but i had a blue with skinproblems bt he was my dog. my first time breeding a dobe i got black, red, fawn, white and cream. and this was n the warly 80’s. I want all the colors i may breed i may not breed, but as with any thing line breeding can cause problems. But let us think about this line breeding. In the begining there was only adam and eve…..they had kids one died so how do we have billions of people if we did not practice inceset at one time should we have stopped because one of us had 6 fingers, lighter skin, stomach problems, or even had multiple births? I am a dark skinned person i hve stomach problems, light sensitivity, and sometimes i dont behave like i should….should i be assisted with death because of it? if my husband has alergies and so do i should we not have children? Yes i agree dont breed for a color (but i do want a white) but for temperment and health i have seen dobies that are just ill tempered in any color. No i dont want a dog that has temper problems but i like the varitiey of colors. I realy think breeding 2 whites is where the problem comes in. In my opinion if yo decide to breed the it should be a “z” to a “non-z” this is just me and i know that somebody will chew me out behind it but “we” all humans come from 2 people. and vet bill are just that vet bill make a payment arrangment or start paying the vet before yu get the dobie and have a credit before the health issues arrise or pet health insurance

  51. jayn Says:

    Hi, again does anyone know of a breeder with blue and tan pups in the UK?

  52. jesse Says:

    ok, not all white dobes are unhelthy. i have an albino dob and a black on they both get the same food and go to the dog park 4 times a week and my white one is more helthy then my black and tan

  53. Lily Says:

    People that breed white dobermans are disgusting & the people who are buying them are too! It is a FACT they are prone to way more health problems than the other color variations. Does that NOT send a red flag right there? Sure, some may be loving, intelligent, and even have no health problems; however, the majority of them do. I would never say put the white dobermans down, they ARE dogs, but to purposely keep trying to breed white dobies and keep the color going is completely irresponsible.
    To the guy that said the bull mastiff came about by interbreeding other bull mastiffs — you are an idiot. So what if it was, so what if all breeds came about that way? For centuries man has made MANY, MANY dog breeds, and so what if they were interbred? Why should we try to start a new color to a breed we ALREADY have, and make the white dobies we have now suffer with genetic/health problems so that MAYBE one day the white dobie gene pool will be dilluted enough so that they only have the same health problems as the other colored dobermans?

    WHY are people so concerned with LOOKS and COLOR, there are already many different colors of dobies and if you breed white ones or want white ones — YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

  54. Joan Says:

    I didn’t buy a white Dobe but I did just adopt one when our local shelter had to be evacuated and she needed somewhere to go for a few days and I just couldn’t bring her back. She’s very sweet and affectionate about 6 month old. her eyes are sensitive to the sun and she does seem to have a somewhat sensitive stomach.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to feed her??She starts her puppy training tonight!

  55. Jaki Says:

    Joan thanks for helping this dobe :)
    As far as food for upset stomachs, usually vets recommend something like plain rice and chicken. You can easily make this yourself or call a few vets for other suggestions.

  56. Tommy Says:

    Well I am the Proud owner and friend of one black and rust, one blue and rust, one red and rust, and two isabella (fawn) and rust Dobermans.

    I’ve been reading the whole situation about the albino dobermans. I believe that Albinos should not be bred but i am not an advocate of euthanizing them. An owner of an Albino should realize that they need to spay or neuter the animal as soon as possible. I also belive that dobermans that carry the albino trait should not be bred even if they are a champion. With the AKC you will know if the doberman has the possibility of having the recessive trait due to the Z attached to the end of the registration number. Also if you purchase an albino doberman you are getting ripped off. When you purchase puppies the price is based on quality of desired traits. So champions and show winner puppies will cost more than you pet quality doberman. So if you go by that logic albinos are free since it cant even be showed at competitions. well those are my to bits.

    oh and Dobermans are the best dogs in the world :)

  57. sweetgirl Says:

    Ok to all the white haters DO YOUR RESEARCH! Whites have been around for a very long time! The only reason you didnt see them until recently was because breeders culled them drowned them or broke their necks as soon as they were born. You people that are for that are disgusting and as for the health problems duh people watch your breeders inbred dogs do have health problems no matter what the color and as for the dpca they only have bad things to say about the whites because they are disgusting and kill the whites to i have done extensive research as far as even going thru old records registrations and clippings they descended from greyhounds as well as multiple other breeds do your research before you say people are disgusting for breeding whites you are disgusting for helping in the bad rap they get and in getting killed at birth for it none of you are true dog lovers

  58. sweetgirl Says:

    Also there are some white champions in schutzhund as well as obedience and agility course do your research like i said

  59. Ute Says:

    As an answer to Sara and all others who think white is cool and don’t believe websites like http://dpca.org/albino/albino_about.htm
    Sara : there is nothing wrong with white dobermans. ….. if there is something wrong with it, it’s not because of its color.

    No. the dogs aren’t genetical cripples because of the color. the color is just one, if very obvious, sign that there is something wrong. not the cause, no, but a symptom of a cause. the cause is called interbreeding.
    to begin with, all breeders regardless of the creature they breed should start thinking about what they do: the modify little helpless lifes and cause much suffering.
    do i believe a doberman with an expected life span of 10 years that is prone to hypothyroidism, heart murmur, bloat and god knows what else and that has had ears and tail-chopped off is better up than a white doberman? or a sheppherd dog or a wiener?
    In my eyes, it’s a crime to nature to breed anything like that. It disgusts me deeply. I am living with a little companion that is pure bred, that should be POOR BREAD!

  60. Davi- Says:

    What about the thyroid condition that Dobe’s get? It almost kllled my dog and I was not told what to watch out for..Needless to say she and my Mom take the same pill, lucky for me.

  61. Brittany Says:

    You people are freaking impaired if you think breeding a white/partial albino Doberman isn’t a terrible act. You’re a puppy mill just like breeders that breed for merle in Chihuahuas. Educate yourself, you freaking twelve-year-olds. I bet half of you owners with “healthy” white Dobies haven’t seen been to a vet more than three times with that dog. People like you need to be shot.

  62. John Says:

    to clear up the debate on albino dobermans. “The white doberman pinscher was created from inbreeding and are considered partial albino dobermans.” This statement does NOT say “all PARTIAL albino dobermans are created from inbreeding.” nor does state “all white dobermans are FULL albino.” Any animal created from inbreeding is prone to health issues. Also, the skin/eye color isn’t a qualifying factor for albinism just a sign of the trait. Just because you read one article, dont take it for fact.

  63. Zen Says:

    What I find truly aweful about this entire string of comments to dates back to July of 2008 is the fact that there is so much venom and passion about the z factor dobies but it’s all a senseless argument.

    Brittany Says:

    December 11th, 2011 at 6:32 pm
    You people are freaking impaired if you think breeding a white/partial albino Doberman isn’t a terrible act. You’re a puppy mill just like breeders that breed for merle in Chihuahuas. Educate yourself, you freaking twelve-year-olds. I bet half of you owners with “healthy” white Dobies haven’t seen been to a vet more than three times with that dog. People like you need to be shot.

    That is most definitely venom and passion. Realistically, none of this makes a difference. I’ve owned nothing but dobermans for 30 years and I have owned and rescused every color, including the z factor whites. I have seen heathly specimens of ALL of the colors and I’ve seen all of the colors have health or temperament issues. Any of my sickly pooches see the vet often and my healthy ones visit the vet twice a year for check ups and boosters. I’ve had them live to be 15 and some only make it to 4 or 5. Killing white pups at birth doesn’t remove the z factor from the line, which is clearly evident. The dilute colors were frowned upon in their beginning as well. This will continue to happen due to the affluent culture and the preferences of people. The evolution of dogs is extremely rapid and at the descretion of their human counterparts. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, reasearch the original european bulldogs. They were gorgeous animals will massive abilities and they have been evolved into the short, squat English bulldogs we know today only because of the breeding. This will continue to happen regardless of how many people are advocates for or against a particular trait.

    What would actually be beneficial is if all of the passionate people that felt the need to express their explosive opinions on this article actually got together and tried to make an argument collectively to have the dobermans removed from the aggressive dog lists that affect housing. Perhaps if people quit trying to stop what every one is doing and started promoting responsible pet ownership, first and foremost, maybe more people would be able to enjoy the breed.

  64. WhiteDobeLover Says:

    Reading through all these comments. I have to say I actually own 4 white Dobes and 4 white factored Dobermans. We have done all the testing that any breeder should do. We have beautiful, healthy dogs. We have never had a blind, or deaf puppy. All of our dogs are socialized and do not have temperment problems. I find it offensive that they are still so many people who have such “passionate” feelings on the subject can’t even do min. research. The whites are AKC. The AKC doesn’t decide the requirements for the “show ring” That would be the breed clubs. There has been “NO” testing done that would prove or disprove the albino theory. Which at this point is all it is. They are no “Documented” facts that say white Dobermans have more health problems than any other color Doberman. People expressed their hateful opinions here and actual owners mostly said that they have healthy white Dobermans. A beautiful White female Doberman placed in the last DPCA Nationals. These are all actual “facts” BTW We visit our vet often. LOL We have plenty of Dogs and it’s always time for someone’s check up or booster shots

  65. Cassandra Lawson Says:

    Hey I do not breed dobermans but my neighbor does… I have researched the breed to the highest of levels cause I could not understand y she was hoping for a blue or white… Well we both share 7 acers and have one fence around the entire property… I breed wolf hybrids been doing so since I moved she breeds dobies and her brother breeds pitbulls. I can honestly say even thou pitbulls have a bad rep I have no problems with the pitbulls now the dobies I have a major problems with…her dobie attacks my cat and had my kid by the throat I know not all dobies are this way and I still love all dogs but if she was to have a white dobie that was inbreed somehow it highers the risk for innocent people to get hurt… I agree with people who say its not the dogs fault its the owner cause it is but I do not agree with the whole thing that if God made it it should be here God did not tell someone to make inbreed dobies. So get that idea out your head and just research the dog you get before you get it or ask ur local vet.

  66. Reddobielover Says:

    What are the health risks for a red pup from a red dad and albino mother?

  67. krismas Says:

    i think whitedobielover has the most sense of anyone on here. i have owned dobermans for over 40 yrs and i can remember when this prejudice existed for the isabellas and the blues.

    shame on you who would cull a white pup, just because it is white….

    i have owned 4 of the 5 colors ( i have never owned a red) and i have to say that the whites and the blacks were the healthiest and had minimal problems. i currently own 3 whites (spayed/neutered) and couldnt be more pleased. their temperament/health/intelligence is a little more than average of all the dobes i have owned…. which makes them VERY smart. we all know that dobes are very intelligent.

    if those of you who preach about the health, etc of the whites, why dont yuo get updated material, scientific material, and quit making yourself look so foolish. your arguments are the same bullshit that the DPCA has been touting for years. get with the program and analyze science, instead of opinion and rumor.

  68. JPatterson Says:

    I own a white Dobie and she’s the best dog I have ever had. I don’t understand why you people can’t accept a color. They are beautiful dogs and behave just as well as any other dobe. Also they are not albino they are like any other color variation.

  69. michelle Says:


  70. michelle Says:


  71. marcela rodriguez Says:

    Hi! I own a blue doberman. It’s soooo cute but his skin is very sensitive and I would like to know if you can share some products to take car of it. I have to say that in some parts of its body there’s lack of hair and I want to know if there’s something to make it grow again. Thank you for your support I hope you can answer.

  72. marcela rodriguez Says:

    and I think that whatever the color they are, Doberman are freaking perfect and lovely. They are worth because of the love they give not because of how many contests they can win.

  73. Marie Says:

    I had a white male dobermen pinscher. His name was Logan. I don’t know if he was inbreed. He had not sight problems. My parents breed him with a rusty female doberman with tan markings who was not from the same bloodline as Logan and half of eights puppies were white the other half rusty-colored.

  74. Rebekah Says:

    I don’t agree with breeding whites at all. I have a fawn male and a white female, who’s previous owner relinquished her to us. She’s a doll, and we don’t have any issues, but it’s crap about her eyes being normal. A friggin moron would say their eyes are just like ours with normal sun sensitivity, she squints so bad in the sunlight, it looks painful. And she has bright pink skin that burns easily. We take our walks in the evening and she wears sunscreen if we have to be in the sun for extended periods of time. My fawn does have skin allergies, but we are able to keep it under control, with no hair loss and his coat is shiny. I love my babies period, but people just want what is unusual and what others dont have. I don’t know how many ppl have asked if I’m breeding my dogs, I want to look at them like are you crazy? I have a dog, so I should breed? I don’t think so. And Marcela Rodriguez, you might want to try fish oil and get your blue in to see a vet and or a dermatologist quickly to try and help his coat. Dilutes are a financial commitment that some people just don’t realize, and that’s why you see so many on Craigslist and rescue groups. Back to the people want the unusual, but don’t realize how much work comes with it.

  75. Dawn Says:

    I bought a albino dobe and had i known all the problems they have…i don’t think i would of.. I should of googled white dobes b4 i even thought about it but i didn’t and now to see what i have read about them i don’t know how these breader get away will mating them :( It sickens me to think that this is so not fair to the bread..and how clueless sarah at the top of this page really is ugh.. go to the AKC home page and read what color eyes albinos have and all the probs they have :( they can have up to 3 different colors in eye color…

  76. Rachel Says:

    PLEASE do research before you try to spout nonsense. “White” Doberman Punchers have NEVER been proven to be albino, and yes, white dobes can be show dogs in some countries, and, yes, there have been white champions, regardless of temperament. It’s been recorded that one champion white even bit his judge prior to winning. All white or mostly white dogs with short hair and pink or light colored skin are more prone to sun burn and skin cancer, this includes boxers, pit bulls, and terriers, which all can be solid white without albinism. Most of the diseases and illnesses recorded in white dobes are nearly constant in other breeds of dogs, regardless of coloration. Until scientific research is done to prove they are albinoid, you all have no right to bicker like children about a dog. It’s easier to do research than you think. There’s this awesome thing called Google, use it, and don’t just click on the first thing you see and read it. Study and actually thoroughly read what you find. Though this post will probably be burrows by more uneducated comments of “nu-uh’s” and “uh-huh’s” that one could read until they were blue in the face. Maybe one of you will actually finish reading this and do some of you’re own research. Also do research on white tigers, golden tabby tigers, and stripeless, white tigers, as well as Siamese cats and Himalayan rabbits, while you’re at it. All of which are not albinoid. I’m saying white dobes aren’t albinoid, but I’m saying it’s not fact. There’s also no such thing as partially albino. It’s like saying you’re partially pregnant. If an animal lacks pigment in one part of his body (like fur) and not in another (like eyes) it’s attributed to another genetic abnormality. Once more, white tigers come to mind. I took four semesters in genetic based studies just for shiggles; this stuff is easy to understand if you just READ.

  77. Julie Says:

    To Marcela Rodriguez; a friend had a blue dobie with skin issues you are experiencing. She used a Shaklee product called Basic H diluted in water. She bathed the dog in it and used in spray bottle as insect deterrent. She said it worked well. Only try something new on small part of animal at first as sensitivity issues are indivual to dog. Good luck!

  78. Christopher Says:

    A Doberman that is white is not ‘special’ in a good way. It is an albino full of health problems and should never be bred. It is a fault, there are only four allowed colors. Do not purchase a Doberman that is colored ‘white’ or that has any white relatives in their bloodline. Very important. Take it from someone who found out the hard way.

  79. Christopher Says:

    I have grown to love the Dobmerman due to their intelligence, loyalty and gorgeous looks. They are excellent for people with allergies in my humble opinion, very short hair, single coat (no undercoat) Very clean and almost ‘cat like’. I love that they require not coat clipping. Special consideration should be taken that the Dobermans nails are kept short so that their feet remain healthy and cat like when standing. Ear cropping is optional, however I like the appearance of the cut ears, it is illegal to cut the Dobermans ears in some European countries. I am an animal activist, but I still think it’s okay to cut their ears as long as it is done correctly and under anesthesia with great care taken to keep the dog out of pain and tending to the healing correctly. I have only had a female red & rust Doberman but look forward to welcoming a dynamic duo of a female and male to my home as soon as I’m able to. :)

  80. Christopher Says:

    I’d never say to ‘put down’ a doberman that is born with the defect of being ‘white’ but this dog must be spayed or neutered as soon as possible and never bred. Birth defects don’t require you put the dog to sleep, but be responsible and educated. More educated people know about this so spread the word. Love your Doberman that was born ‘white’ but make sure to protect it from the sun, it’s eyes, skin, etc. Their nose is pink usually and skin. So they are very susceptible to sunburn, vision problems. etc. Most of all just LOVE your Doberman because they are very sensitive and require being close to their owners/families. They are NOT a dog you can put out in the backyard and ignore. NO DOG should be put outside like lawn furniture, but a Dobeman willl make your life hell if you think you can do that. :)

  81. dobbielover Says:

    i guess im d only one in the philippines dat owns a white doberman..as i have been breeding red,blue,isabella and black
    the thing is..if u breed an isabella with a red rust”my red rust’s mom is also an isabella” a white dobe might come out….which happened to me..”they r not even relatives!’..my white dobbie now is 7 yrs old..hes got no defects at all…hes got 2 balls,perfect eyesight..both eyes tested…no hearing defect..very clean stomach,very nice coat..his coat is a lil rough..not the usual ones dat is very flat on d skin, i did a stress test for him and he passed.. my other dobes r mad with cats ‘most dogs i guess” hehe but my white dobbie is friendly even with my hamster..:D i also have a cat and he goes along good with her…my other dobbies dont…

    i seriously cannot consider him a fault..as he can do what my other dobes can…HE IS BETTER actually..temperament wise..i can say my dobbie isnt as troubleome as my other “normal”colored dobes..not agressive..its like i own a shihtzu hahaha..:D:D

  82. Beth Says:

    Can a fawn doberman have a pink nose or do all of them have brown nose?

  83. luvALLmypups Says:

    ahh, its funny to see all the hatred for the white dobbies. I have one too (rescue). She’s sweet and gentle and no problems so far (other than too much love licks). The “funny” part comes in with all the “responsible” breeders implying that their dogs weren’t inbred 1000 times to get to the breed standard. You people are a bunch of hypocrites.

  84. kate Says:

    I have 2 dobes, black and red, and Isabella. The AKC does register white(albino) dobermans. The first recorded albino female, Shebah is not the only white doberman of record. At the time of her registration it was found that there was in fact 7 other AKC registered white dobes. Listed as white only because albino is not a color. These dogs were never tracked nor were their litters. Only Shebah. To say all albinos today come from her blood line is false. No one has had all the albinos dna tracked to see. All white dobes are tracked as “z” by the AKC. If you have ever seen a picture of Shebah you will see she was not totally white. She was a faded Isabella, very pale tan. and there is word that her mother had a albino male ina previous litter that “died at a young age” that was probably destroyed because he was not a breedable color. Fact is that there are still breeders that destroy blues and Isabellas and reds, because they are from mutated genes. if you get one and have it dna tested it may or may not be from Shebah’s bloodline. She is simply the first accepted by the AKC that can be tracked this way.

  85. British_Bobby Says:

    With regards to the white ‘albino’ Dobermanns, I’m not sure what the hoo-hah is surrounding them? Every pedigree dog has been interbred at its early stage in history to obtain the desired looks etc that are required from it. What is so different with these? Also, what about the numerous pedigrees out there that suffer from various ailments i.e. skin, stomach, ear, breathing etc? One day, the gene pool might be sufficiently large enough to breed-out any unwanted traits from the initial in-breeding…. PS, I don’t own a white Dobe but rather a Cockerpoo! :)

  86. Amanda Says:

    I think the people on here telling others that breeding a dog for a look is bad should really stop and think about what they’re saying. Breeding any dogs should be outlawed in my opinion the shelters are crowded with purebreds and mutt’s alike. What makes these supposed pure breds any better than the mutt’s? I have taken in many dogs that were not purebred and wonderful animals. All dogs no matter what breed should be spayed bottom line. The local shelter has several purebred dobies waiting to be adopted right now. ANYONE WHO BREEDS OR SHOWS ANY ANIMALS OR MAKES AN ATTEMPT AT BREED STANDARDS OR WHO ONLY OWNS PUREBREDS, has no right to blast anyone else for wanting their dog to look a certain way. If you were any better you wouldnt be breeding dobermans and adding to the unwanted masses of dogs in shelters you would be adopting and careing for the dogs already here. In reguards to health issues, all purebred dogs have more health issues than mixed breed dogs, generally each BREED has its own list of common health problems associated with THAT BREED. My lovely boxer/rottwreiler just passed away last week at the ripe old age of 16! During his life span never suffered from any of the health risks associated to dogs specific on either side of his family. It’s just cruel in my opinion to maintain purebred dogs when the mutts are so much healthier! (about halfway sarcastic) Now I’m starting to sound like some of you guys. Sickly dogs produce sickly pups, I wonder why its supposed to be ok to breed a unhealthy black and tan doberman but not a healthy white one? All breeds of everything has standards, standards change over time. They always have. They always will!

  87. John Says:

    White dobermans are great I have one he has no problems at all

  88. Skelly Says:

    The pure ignorance (and arrogance) in a lot of these comments is overwhelming. Is the concept of good breeding practices really so difficult to comprehend? Good breeding is done to maintain the health of the breed as a whole. Continuing to introduce “white” Dobermans into breeding lines is doing a great disservice to the breed in general.

    You all claim to care so much about these dogs but yet you obviously put no effort into educating yourselves about them and how maintaining a healthy vibrate breed standard is accomplished. If you truly cared as much as you would like others to believe, you would take the time to understand instead of spouting off at the mouth when its painfully obvious you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Knee jerks reactions, using religion as justification (c’mon get real), using only your particular dog as an example for all, and many other ridiculous defences, only hurts the DOGS in the long-term. You are not helping, you are hurting, period.

  89. deanna Says:

    I have a male and female black and tan dobermans the female i got frim indiana the male i got from tennessee i just bred them last year and one pup came out white so please explain to me how my white doberman is the product of inbreeding some of you need to realize thats not the only way their made.

  90. ally Says:

    as a vet i have seen so many of you love don’t love white dobe but the thing is its not about the health or about the color or where it came from what matter is how you love your pets if you define them differently then you define your pets as pest not with love. where is the sense of having love?

  91. laura Says:

    I am getting ready to buy the only black and rust puppy from an all white litter. Should I be concerned?

  92. Kelli S. George Says:

    The PROPER term is black and RUST and it is sad to see you propagating such MISINFORMATION about the breed!!!

  93. Britt Says:

    Laura you should be VERY CONCERNED!

    ALBINOS (which there is scientific proof that they are in fact albinos) are always from back yard breeders. They are done with little to no health testing as well as little to no titling. That in no way is improving the breed.

    Do not let smooth talking greeders convince you. It’s a crap shoot with albinos. A well bred doberman (which clearly 99% of you have no clue what that is) will be way healthier than an albino.

    This whole thread disgusts/disappoints me. :( For all those saying AKC registers albino dobermans, the AKC also register puppy mill dogs, does that make it an acceptable practice?

  94. Zoey Says:

    Just curious, I have a 1 year old purebred blue Doberman and he has blue eyes. Is it normal for them to have blue eyes as an adult? He has been checked over by a vet several times and has no vision or health problems.

  95. Liam Says:

    Okay, I own a beautiful Dob. Now everyone take a moment and let’s think about how long dobs have been around ? Okay , all of a sudden white/partial albino have popped up and Oh My God it must be a new line of dobs? Give your head a shake. It is a mutation and its animal abuse to breed like this because you think it’s cool . It is proven that the higher percentile have major health issues and a lot of the shows don’t accept them for reasons! Bottom line is that it is a mutation and more importantly it causes health issues for these poor animals! Isn’t that enough ?. Again you may get lucky and have no issues with your dob now but the percent is huge on these to have extreme health issues.

  96. ray Says:

    I had two doberman a blue and a fawn they both loved to play with tennis balls. When I worked they was able go outside in a large fenced yard . They were taught you give kisses no bite.

  97. G code Says:

    I think many people don’t want to admit the truth about albino dogs because it resonates with whites people having white skin which is also albinism. Orginal and natural skin is brown due to melanin which attracts the sun and creates vitamin d and makes us stronger. White skin can’t go into the sun and therefore can’t create vitamin D which leaves their bodies to pull it from their bones making them weak and open to osteoporosis and every other diseases and sickness some which albino dogs have in common. You don’t see white plants or trees that are not green becusse they need pigment (chlorophyll thier melanin) to convert sunlight and photosynthesize. Whites have been insecure about this fact and rewrote history to try and make white skin more attractive when it is in fact inferior and a genetic mutation. So there you have it.

  98. Cheryl Says:

    I have a beautiful,sweet WHITE dobie who will be five this year. I had a red dobie for 13 years…my white is no different…no added health issues. She has the dobie markings…just two different colors of cream. I agree that the albino is in her gene pool…but, she is NOT an albino.
    She is smart and is trained well with a good disposition. She loves to swim in our pool,the lake,ocean, whatever.Black and Tan have always been what most people think about…but, reds,fawns,blues etc…have made there way into common breeding…why not whites? I think some people have developed an absurd bias. Love your dog and I will Love mine!

  99. Julie Says:

    I have several dobermans I have all colors including white she is a beautiful happy healthy 2 and a half year old she has no health problems. I think there are a lot of moronic people on this site that are prejudiced as well as an educated even though they should stop and think that humans by their logic are imbread as well because if it was just Adam and eve then some body was double dipping…so white dobermans aren’t alone are they?

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