The Best Doberman Commercials

doberman dog wearing sunglasses with money looking cool

We’ve seen Dobermans in the movies.

We’ve seen Dobermans in music videos.

Now, here are the best Doberman commercials.

Let’s start with a favorite dog commercial that was first shown at Super Bowl 2014. What do you get when you mix a Doberman with a Chihuahua? Watch and find out.

In this video, it’s Doberman vs BMW.

And how do you make a Doberman look even cooler? Give him sunglasses.

And another German car commercial. We’ve seen Dobermans with Audi, BMW, and now an Opel car.

This may be the most interesting army recruiting video ever, for the Swedish Armed Forces.

And this may be the cutest heist ever.

Fergie and a Doberman showing off her Candies shoes.

Dobermans make a short appearance in Amber Rose’s Smirnoff ad.

Which one is your favorite Doberman commercial? Did I miss any other good ones?

5 thoughts on “The Best Doberman Commercials”

  1. I have three Dobies–have always had Dobies for some 70 years (yes, I am 91 years old). They are superb, handsome, loving, sweet and, of course, very protective, when need be. Live alone but don’t worry–a Dobie’s bark is his/her calling card and is respected!

  2. Hate them all except the purine one. Stereotypical doberman they are so much more than what is portrayed in these exactly why they get a bad rap….smh


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