Amazing GoPro Dobermans

What Are GoPro Cameras?

People enjoy filming their dogs. We enjoy capturing the joy they feel at the moment. And Doberman videos are now even more interesting with GoPro camera technology. The GoPro camera is a high definition camera created for extreme-action sports videography. They are small, lightweight, water-proof, and tough. You can strap them on yourself (or your dog as we’ll see) and record in the first-person view. They also have great color definition and with high frame rates, that allows you to capture smooth slow-motion video.  If it’s good enough for extreme athletes, it’s good enough for our Doberman athletes.

These GoPro Doberman videos show us the physical beauty and energy of these dogs.  Dobermans are working dogs and need lots of exercise. Maybe these videos will give you some new ideas on how to work out your dog.   The RC car chase looks like a lot of fun for both the Dobermans and the owner. 

Which Doberman GoPro video is your favorite?

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