Have You Seen These Famous Dobermans?

famous dobermans from movie and tvDobermans in the Movies

Dobermans have been featured in lots of movies and tv shows. And some of these movies are really fun to watch whether you’re a Doberman fan or not.  

Unfortunately, the Doberman Pinscher breed is still usually portrayed as the guard dog with an attitude.  We know they can do this job well. But people also need to see their other side, the intelligent, goofy, and fun dog that we know they are.

Here are some movies with our favorite breed. Did we miss your favorite Doberman celebrity

doberman movie from 1946 with Rodney

Rodney the Doberman from the 1946 movie “It Shouldn’t Happen To A Dog”.  This might be the first Doberman movie star.


Doberman dogs from Bond movie. Waiting to eat meat on command.

Moonraker, the 1979 James Bond movie has two Dobermans.  Although, in the chase scene, the dogs look more like the Beauceron breed.

magnum pi dobermans sitting next to Higgins

Zeus & Apollo or “the lads” owned by Higgins of Magnum PI (tv series 1980-1988)

famous doberman zombie dog resident evil doberman zombies

Cerberus the zombie Doberman from Resident Evil (2002)

                                                    eyes of angel movie with dobermanmovie doberman with john travolta

Tripoli from the movie, Eyes of an Angel with John Travolta (1991)

                                                    doberman gang 1970's movie

The Doberman Gang  (1972)- 6 Dobermans named after famous bank robbers: Dillinger, Bonnie, Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, and Ma Barker.  And three sequels followed: The Daring Dobermans (1973), The Amazing Dobermans (1976) and Alex & the Doberman Gang (1980). Watch a preview of The Doberman Gang.


doberman fights crime with bounty hunter

A bounty hunter lives in a van and fights crime with his Doberman partner, Munch in the 1990 movie, Street Hunter. 

Embryo – 1976, starring Rock Hudson with super-intelligent Doberman, “Number One”


police doberman dog with james belushi

K-911 (1999 movie) with James Belushi and Zeus the police dog, who knows Dutch commands.

movie with talking doberman and mentally unstable man

This is a short 12-minute (2002) film about a mentally unstable man with a talking Doberman who likes snotty hankies. Probably the strangest movie on this list but it’s worth watching.


Diablo (voice of Edward James Olmos) in ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ (2008)

Alpha from the movie UP (2009)


doberman movie dog from Hugo

Blackie from the movie Hugo (2011)


Jackie Chan with group of dobermans chase him in maze

The Dobermans from Jackie Chan’s movie, Chinese Zodiac (2012).  Watch a pack of Dobermans chase Jackie in a maze.  Jackie enjoyed working with the dogs but he did get bitten. You can see the out-takes at the end.


The hounds from the Simpsons. These are Mr. Burns guard dogs. He has 5-20 dogs and one is named Crippler.

The Boys From Brazil is a 1978 movie. Actor John Dehner is a Doberman breeder. And some movie trivia for you, the dog commands for the Dobermans are all filming terms: “Cut” means “stop”, “Action” means “attack”, and “Print” means “kill”.

Americas Sweethearts 2001

See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989) a comedy movie with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder.

Ruthless People (1986). Danny Devito owns a Doberman named Adolph.

Rambo – First Blood (1982) with Sylvester Stallone. Orval the “dog man” owns 3 Dobermans who help chase Rambo in the forest scene. The Doberman in the movie are named Hooch, Thunder and Maggie.
Fletch – (1985) Starring Chevy Chase
Raising Arizona (1987) with Nicolas Cage
Mother-in-Law (2005) starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez
Oliver and Company (1988) A Doberman cartoon movie from Disney.

Assassin’s Code (2018) Klaus the Doberman, played by Elara’s Alfrido.

nicolas cage doberman in movie gone in 60 seconds

Gone In 60 Seconds (2000)

Suicide Kings (1997) A great comedy/thriller starring Christopher Walken.

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39 thoughts on “Have You Seen These Famous Dobermans?”

  1. The dogs in Moonraker ARE beaucerons, not doberman. You can see the rear double dews in the screen shot above. They were confirmed to use beaucerons, not doberman. I can see the mistake though as the beauceron was used in the development of the doberman and can have similar features.

  2. What about the two dobermans in the 80s tv show Benson? You know the ones Benson would run from and Gretchen Krause would feed! They were mostly seen in the opening credits but often referred to in the script. Given the time frame I wonder if they were the same two dogs that were used in the original
    Magnum pi?

  3. Don’t forget guard Dobes who chased Arnie in True Lies. Unfortunately, not a good ending for the dogs. Yes, great breed!

  4. o.k. This is driving me crazy, I want to know who owned the dobermans that were in the Columbo episode. my mother said they were actually Peter Falk’s dogs but I do not think so and when I try to get info via Google all I get are things about the episode and about Columbo and the basset hound that played dog.. It is like Falk never existed and only Columbo is real.

  5. Bedazzled with Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini on the beach with two dobermans. Also movie trapped about a man trapped in a Dept store with guard dogs

  6. don’t forget the dobies on The Simpsons that Mr. burns is always sending after his Assistant. And now Zues and Apollo are back on the new Magnum P.I. In this one, Higgins is a woman, and Magnum still has his rounds with them.

  7. The Boys from Brazil: 4 fierce dobs are the bodyguards of a boy, who’s a clon of Hitler. 1978, Gregory Peck (Mengele) and Sir Lawrence Olivier ( Nazi’s Hunter Ezra Liebermann).

  8. I am Captain POOTY,the Doberman-man!! Look out for POOT-A-RAMA: The Doberman-Man Chronicles!

    I practice POOTING (PETting with a musical rhythm.)

    I had my own Doberman,”Fredrick”,nearly 60 years ago.

    Check out the YouTube on ROMA THE DOBERMAN!!

  9. The two Dobermans from Columbo’s ‘How to Dial a Murder’ Laurel and Hardy who killed their owner’s friend when he said Rosebud twice.

  10. The ‘70s movie Embryo is what got me interested in Dobes. They are so smart, loving and protective. We ended up having two Thor a Red lived to be 13 1/2. Miss them both.

  11. I am pretty sure that Chase from the popular kid’s show “Paw Patrol” is really a red doberman with cropped ears and a full tail. I think . . .

  12. Having had my own Dobermans at my side for 23 years, I can hardly forget the first notable Doberman film that I enjoyed. “They Only Kill Their Masters” (1972)
    Directed by James Goldstone, written by Lane Slate, the movie starred
    James Garner, Katherine Ross, Hal Holbrook. The story of a small California Police Chief who investigates a suspicious death involving the victim’s own dog that presumably killed its owner. Of course, by the end of the film the Doberman is innocent.

  13. Add the episode of Walking Drad which featured Ricky Bobby and his daughter Fury, who both are also starring in the upcoming novie The Boss with Melissa McCarthy

    • My Doberman Kimber was also in the movie the Boss. In the scene when they are running down the hall that is RB and Kimber. The ones in the chairs are RB and Fury

  14. Kurt:
    Saved the lives of 250 US Marines 23 July 1944 on Guam. KIA during same battle from enemy fire. 1 of 25 Dobermanns noted at the WW2 war dog memorial.

  15. I know that this is a man not a dobermann but i think this list should include Carl louis fredrichs Doberman the man who bred the breed! Without him we would not have this wonderful dog breed we know today!

    • Vicki no one loves Dobermans more than I, but in all fairness. I could be wrong, but if memory serves, that dog was missing some teeth. but since the judge could not touch him to open his mouth no one was aware at the time. hail the Doberman “Dog of all dogs”.

    • It wasn’t only 1952 & 1953 that a Doberman won Best In Show at Westminster, but also 1939 & 1989.
      1939 Ferry v Rauhfelsen of Giralda
      1989 Ch. Royal Tudor’s Wild As The Wind


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