Talk of Doberman Gang Movie Remake

For Doberman lovers, here comes some interesting news.

A press release has announced that a remake of the 1972 Doberman Gang movie is in the works.  The new action heist film will include involvement by popular dog behaviorist, Caesar Millan and will be produced by Darren Raegan.

The original Doberman Gang movie was so popular it spawned three sequels, The Daring Dobermans, The Amazing Dobermans, and the lesser-known tv movie, Alex and the Doberman Gang. You can watch the original movie trailer video below.

The movie plot is basically a “gang” of 6 Doberman dogs trained to perform bank robberies.  It’s a fun concept and a new version could really be exciting for action fans and dog lovers.  Unfortunately, there is a concern about the “Dalmation effect”, where dogs become popular because of a movie, and it encourages backyard breeders.  

Caesar Millan comments, “This was one of my favorite movies as a boy, and it’s an honor to be part of a film that brings this great story back to life. Watching the Power of the Pack on the big screen is a dream come true for me.”

I can’t wait for this one at the theater. What do you think? Did you like the Doberman Gang movies?doberman_gang_movie

The Doberman Gang – 1972

The Daring Dobermans – 1973amazing_dobermans_poster

The Amazing Dobermans – 1976

doberman movie sequel 1980
Alex and the Doberman Gang 1980 TV Movie

Update: It’s now 2020 and there is still no update or media press release for a new Doberman Gang movie. If it’s still in discussion, let’s hope it doesn’t do a disservice to our favorite breed.

7 thoughts on “Talk of Doberman Gang Movie Remake”

  1. Can’t wait for the remake of this movie. I fell in love with dogs in general because of this film and I think we underestimate their intelligence due to our lack of knowledge or education. I am now 46 years old,I was only 10 or 11 years old when i first saw the Doberman Gang movie and ever since this film was impressed into my memory. I’ve tried to find it on Netflix or Hulu but it seems these movie streaming sites does not carry it,although i have not tried other movie sites. Anyway patiently waiting for the remake to be complete and out soon.

  2. I have the original movie. I loved magnum P.I. with “The Lads” and I own 2 of my own dobermans. Father and son. Zeus and Zeke. I will always have a doberman. They are loyal, fast learners and ours make us laugh all the time with their antics! Bring on the new film. thank you.

  3. I am honestly pretty excited for a remake. I just graduated from High School and my career dream is to train animals for movie work. Recently movie companies have been switching to the computer animation route which is bad news for cinema animal trainers and not giving me a chance for my dream to take flight. The more live action animal movies in production the higher chance I can become a cinema animal trainer myself.

  4. Actually, I’m sick at the thought of another Doberman Gang movie. I could see it overloading my organization to death. We rescue Dobermans and the shelters will be full of them within 9 months of the movie coming out.

    I pray they don’t make the movie and if they do, that Ceasar goes on-screen Before and AFTER the movie to tell people that “This is not what Dobermans are really like…these are actors….you should not go out and buy one unless you are committed…blah blah blah..

    Really, if you love Dobermans why would you want a bunch of cruel puppy mills to start putting them out to idiot people that won’t care for them properly. Have you walked through shelters lately? Chihuahua’s are prevalent because of Disney’s movie. A while back – a ton of Dalmations.

    President, Doberman Rescue of New Mexico, Inc.

    • Don thankyou for your comment, you make a very valid point. I totally agree with your point that a major doberman movie could spur new doberman puppy mills. That’s why public education is so important and I wish government legislation would address this issue appropriately.
      With regards to the movie, although it does portray the doberman as a dog that can be trained to “intimidate” people, it also portrays the breed as an incredibly intelligent dog that is highly trainable for specific tasks. In fact I would guess that the doberman was chosen as the “evil’ dog of the 70’s era, not because it was aggressive but because it was easier to train for tv/movies, unlike some of the other “tough” breeds.

    • I think your suggestion is fair, Don. People buy animals for pets for stupid reasons, usually because they saw it on TV or movies. I bought a turtle when I was 5 because I liked a TV show with one — but they are boring pets, and sadly, taking them away from their environment is not good for them — they have a long life expectancy otherwise; they aren’t a good pet. And Various breeds of dogs are cute in movies, but humans aren’t always in the right frame of mind.


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