Doberman Rescue Dogs

doberman purebreds at doberman rescues

So you want a Doberman but can’t afford a quality, purebred from a breeder. Doberman Rescue Groups your best alternative to breeders, for finding a Doberman to adopt. A Doberman rescue group is usually a non-profit group created to provide an alternative to animal or dog shelters.  Many times dogs don’t do well in regular … Read more

If Your Dog Runs Away When Called

happy doberman running away

Although the Doberman is one of the smartest, most obedient, and trainable dogs, some are a challenge for their owners.  And the come command is sometimes one of the hardest skills to teach. It takes a lot of work and distraction-proofing for it to become reliable. But it’s essential and can be life saving if … Read more

Awesome Doberman Halloween Costumes

beautiful doberman dark angel costume for halloween

Why should kids have all the fun at Halloween? I’m sure our Dobermans don’t care about Halloween but dressing up our dogs can be fun for the family. Here are some creative or funny Doberman Halloween costumes for you. And if you’re a crafty DIY person, these dog costumes may give you some costume ideas. … Read more