Foods Dogs Can’t Eat Chart

Do you know which human foods dogs should avoid? I thought I did, but there were a few surprises when I read the dangerous food list. You may want to refresh your memory by looking at these charts. Better yet, if you have children at home, print off the chart and hang it in your … Read more

Is Your Dog A Senior Yet?

senior doberman wearing eye glasses

Why do dogs have such short lives? Maybe you’ve heard the quote about the boy, who had witnessed the death of his dog, and wisely answers this sad question. ¬†His response was this, “Why do dogs have such short lives?” “People are born so they can learn how to live a good life — like … Read more

The Lazy Way To Exercise Your Doberman

ways to exercise your dog with a flirt pole dog toy

Exercise For Dobermans is Super Important! We know that dogs who don’t get enough exercise, get into trouble. I suspect that a lot of behavior problems come from bored dogs not getting the exercise they need. Dobermans are a high-energy dog breed. And if they don’t get enough exercise, bad things can happen, like boredom … Read more

First Aid For Your Doberman

doberman at vet getting treated

If your dog was choking at this very moment, would you know what to do? As a responsible dog owner you want to be prepared for emergencies. If you notice your dog behaving out of the normal, you need to take action. Have ready the number of your local emergency animal hospital and know in … Read more