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Why a Doberman Website?

big red doberman staring at my face
My red Doberman Dagan. He stares at me a lot.

Dobermans Den was created in 2008 specifically for Doberman owners. Here we celebrate one of the greatest dog breeds in the world. These elegant, loyal, canine athletes deserve special attention.

My goal here is to help Doberman owners, especially new owners.   I wish I had this resource when I had my first Doberman and knew so little about the breed.  Having a Dobie is work but it’s also a lot of fun.

Doberman owners really lack a good website that specialized in this breed.  Dog forums are great but sometimes they’re not very user-friendly and we need Doberman-specific information.  I hope this website helps you.

Who am I?

My name is Jaki, I’m Canadian with Portuguese roots,  and my favorite dog is the Doberman!

One of my security patrol dogs.
Farley & Me. Don’t his ears look like bat wings?

When I was a little girl, I was afraid of my neighbor’s Dobermans. They seemed huge and scary. I now know that looks can be deceiving, and now love the Doberman poker face. This breed is not the evil dog it’s sometimes depicted as. Instead, it’s one of the more loyal, intelligent and affectionate breeds. (Yes, in my biased opinion.)

I got hooked on the breed after working with Doberman guard dogs at a Canadian dog security company. The company also used German Shepherds and Bouviers, but the Dobermans were the favorites with most of the staff and myself. I loved their sleek, graceful, athletic look and was impressed by their intelligence and obedience. I felt safe with my canine partners and got respect in public doing my security patrols. Dobermans really get people’s attention!

One of my security patrol dogs.
Boomer & Me. He was a big boy!

My first non-working pet Doberman was Xena. She was a beautiful purebred, of show-dog quality.  Unfortunately, I had her for only a short time as she died of cancer at a young age.  I thought she was pretty special and she converted me into a Doberman fan for life. Twenty years later, I still miss her and sometimes get teary eyed thinking of her.  She really was the perfect dog.

Dobermans are great dogs, and if you’re reading this it’s probably because you think so too!  I hope you enjoy your Dobermans as much as I do.

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doberman by fireplace