About Doberman Rescues

So you want a doberman but can’t afford a quality, purebred from a breeder. Here’s the next best option for you.

A doberman rescue is usually a non-profit group created to provide an alternative to regular dog shelters.  Many times dogs don’t do well in regular dog shelters due to the noise, distraction or general environment.  Doberman enthusiasts prefer to take care of their favorite breed and, therefore, specialize in their rescue and adoption. These breed specific groups will foster the dog and evaluate it for adoption. This may include evaluating the dobermans temperament, obedience skills, and general health.

doberman purebreds at doberman rescuesDoberman rescues vary in size from a well organized large group to a small one person operation.  They may be connected to a breed club, humane society or work as an independent agency.  While we hope all of the current rescues are ethical and well run, you may wish to do some research on a particular doberman rescue you’re interested in visiting.

Things to consider are:  how long has the rescue been operating?  are they affiliated with a larger club?  do they spay & neuter before adoption? do they screen potential adopters to make sure the dog is going to a good home? do they disclose all information about the dog’s health, behavior and known history?  do they offer ongoing support after adoption?  will they take back a dog if for whatever reason you can no longer care for it? will they provide an adoption contract?

A doberman rescue may charge an adoption fee or accept a donation instead. If you have the means please give generously, caring and funding animal rescues can be challenging.  Doberman rescues are run by dedicated volunteers who invest their own time, money and love to help their favorite breed. Without these caring individuals, our beloved doberman would end up in a shelter or have a worse fate.

Please consider using a local doberman rescue.

I hope this helps you find the perfect doberman companion.


  1. Sherrill said:

    I’m looking to re-home my beloved doberman. He is a fantastic loving dog, fully vaccinated, neutered, raised with other dogs, cats and kittens. He’s a young @ 15 months, strong, happy and playful big puppy.
    Why Re-home: I’ve got in his way and have fallen too many times. I’m older and cannot afford to replace my hips from falling. I’ll miss him dearly, but he deserves more.
    All paperwork available.

    October 12, 2017
  2. Daryl said:

    I feel your pain. I just found out my boxer Riggs has cancer in his glans. I’m heartbroken as well. I was thinking about a Doberman for my next dog. I truly love him so. My vet said not to put him down yet. He still has life left and love to give. And I’m going to give him the same…

    February 11, 2017
  3. Shirley Dalton said:

    Monday I had to put my doberman down she had bone cancer 5 years old ,she was a good dog was always gentle and had no flaws that I can see I’m heartbroken I love her so thank you

    July 20, 2016

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