How To Tape Doberman Ears

doberman ear taping videos

Are you confused about ear taping and posting? Many people have questions about taping ears or Doberman ear posting. For new dog owners, this can be a frustrating part of getting the Doberman ear crop.  But it’s important if you want your Doberman to have the iconic Doberman look.   My previous post on Doberman ears … Read more

Painting Doberman Nails?!

dog with nails painted

We love pampering our dogs, almost as much as ourselves. One of the newer pampering services being offered by dog groomers is “pet-icures” or dog nail painting.  Of course, these dog manicures have no practical purpose at all, and it’s really just for the owner’s personal entertainment.  But it does look pretty cute. A great … Read more

Have You Seen These Famous Dobermans?

Jackie Chan with group of dobermans chase him in maze

Dobermans in the Movies Dobermans have been featured in lots of movies and tv shows. And some of these movies are really fun to watch whether you’re a Doberman fan or not.   Unfortunately, the Doberman Pinscher breed is still usually portrayed as the guard dog with an attitude.  We know they can do this … Read more