Foods Dogs Can’t Eat Chart

don't give your dog these foodsDo you know which human foods dogs should avoid?

I thought I did, but there were a few surprises when I read the dangerous food list. You may want to refresh your memory by looking at these charts. Better yet, if you have children at home, print off the chart and hang it in your kitchen cupboard for everyone to refer to. Better safe than sorry.

Some foods that never crossed my mind as being a problem were walnuts, grapes/raisins, and bread yeast dough. I don’t do much baking, but I’ve eaten walnuts and not knowing at the time, given a walnut to my dogs.  Luckily one or two walnuts were not harmful to my Dobermans.

Alcohol should be a no-brainer. I suppose a dog could accidentally drink it.  Many years ago, I had a neighbor who gave her small dogs a bit of Port wine. Apparently, there was an old wives’ tale, that giving a dog some wine would stunt their growth and keep them small. Ridiculous, I know! Luckily, the dogs were fine, and I hope since then, this old Portuguese tale has died.

The 5 Most Harmful Foods Dogs Should Avoid:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Xylitol Sugar
  • Grapes & Raisins
  • Alcohol

Foods Dogs can’t Eat Chart

foods dogs can't eat chart
Hellawella chart-Illustration: Liam Gooley

Signs or Symptoms of Dog Poisoning 

foods dogs should avoid and medication,plants, household chemicals

The Pet Poison Control Chart

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3 thoughts on “Foods Dogs Can’t Eat Chart”

  1. I’ve never seen a problem with fresh raw meat, I feed mine raw meat, during deer season especially. I have done so for years , it has always seemed to have been very healthy for them. I have seen the meat being buried in the ground for storage “I assume” that’s their plan, if the weather is very cold I don’t mind if they do that, (outside dogs only), which during the cold hunting season is the only time I do this, I’m sure they wish it were Winter all year round.

  2. I see “raw meat” and “raw eggs” on the list as somewhat wrong. I feed a RAW diet. So my boys eat “raw meat” and “raw eggs”.

    • yes. I noticed that also. I think the major concern with raw is salmonella bacteria/safe food handling. Also, bones need to be appropriate so that dogs don’t choke or break teeth. I can’t give my dogs anything too hard, this includes those antler chews because of teeth chipping. Ask any vet dentist if they have raw meat patients, you might be surprised. I was.


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