Doberman Ear Cropping Styles

Why do we crop Doberman ears? Doberman ear cropping is a surgical procedure (otoplasty), that shapes Doberman’s ears to have them stand erect. It is customary to identify the Doberman dog with having cropped ears. The crop contributes to the breeds’ identity, iconic look, and working duties. A Doberman with natural ears takes on a … Read more

The 12 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

doberman smartest dogs list

We know the Doberman Pinscher dog is one of the smartest breeds, but how smart? Psychologist and dog researcher, Dr. Stanley Coren, author of “The Intelligence of Dogs” came up with a dog training survey to assess which dogs displayed higher intelligence. He states that there are three types of dog intelligence. Adaptive Intelligence (learning … Read more

Disappointing Doberman Hybrid Dogs

doberman and poodle mix called doodleman

What is a Hybrid Dog? Hybrid dogs are the result of mating two different purebred dogs. Hybrids are also referred to as crossbreds or designer dogs. Hybrids are not considered ” mutts” or mixed breeds. Mixed breeds are of an unknown breeding background or lineage. Whereas hybrids have been carefully selected from purebred parents. A … Read more

5 Doberman Colors And The One To Avoid

dobermans in different color hair

Do you know the Doberman exists in 5 different colors? Do you know which Doberman colors are recognized or restricted by kennel clubs? Most people know the Doberman as a black dog with brown markings. ¬†This is the most popular and most often seen hair color. But the Doberman is also born in a few … Read more