If Your Dog Runs Away When Called

happy doberman running away

Although the Doberman is one of the smartest, most obedient, and trainable dogs, some are a challenge for their owners.¬† And the come command is sometimes one of the hardest skills to teach. It takes a lot of work and distraction-proofing for it to become reliable. But it’s essential and can be life saving if … Read more

Awesome Doberman Halloween Costumes

beautiful doberman dark angel costume for halloween

Why should kids have all the fun at Halloween? I’m sure our Dobermans don’t care about Halloween but dressing up our dogs can be fun for the family. Here are some creative or funny Doberman Halloween costumes for you. And if you’re a crafty DIY person, these dog costumes may give you some costume ideas. … Read more

The Truth About Prong Collar Use

prong collar use on doberman

I never thought I would be writing about celebrity Kendall Jenner, but here I am. Kendall owns a Doberman named Pyro, (cool name by the way). And she received some online hate recently after she was seen walking her Doberman with a prong collar. Some people commented that prong collars are inhumane. While others came … Read more

Vintage Doberman Photos

Here are some great vintage photographs of Doberman Pinscher Dogs.  They show how charming and elegant the Doberman breed is. They also show us how different the early Dobermans looked compared to today’s Doberman standard. It would be nice to know the history or story behind these pictures.  Who are all these people? This first photo … Read more