Doberman Property Laws You Should Know

doberman laws

Do You Know The Doberman Property Act? If you have a Doberman living in your home, you’re probably familiar with these laws. But maybe you need a refresher.  Dobermans are good house dogs but they would like to remind you of a couple of rules.  This is a free printable, just click on image to … Read more

Amazing GoPro Dobermans

go pro videos with dobermans

What Are GoPro Cameras? People enjoy filming their dogs. We enjoy capturing the joy they feel at the moment. And Doberman videos are now even more interesting with GoPro camera technology. The GoPro camera is a high definition camera created for extreme-action sports videography. They are small, lightweight, water-proof, and tough. You can strap them … Read more

Want To Dance With Your Dog?

Are you looking for a new hobby or dog sport to do with your Doberman? When choosing an activity to do with your dog, you may be familiar with the more traditional dog sport activities like obedience trials, therapy dog training, search & rescue, and dog conformation shows.  Or maybe other dog sports like agility, … Read more