Doberman Movie Star Snubbed

doberman movie star Blackie from Hugo

Our newest Doberman Hollywood movie star is Blackie. He acted alongside Sacha Baron Cohen in the movie Hugo.

Surprisingly he was snubbed by the Golden Collar Awards, not even get a nomination. The Golden Collar Awards is a special event that rewards the best canine actors. The Oscars of the dog world. 

Martin Scorsese spoke out strongly on behalf of Blackie, the Doberman movie star. He wrote a letter, pointing out the stigma against actors of the Doberman persuasion. “Jack Russell terriers are small and cute,” “Dobermans are enormous and — handsome. More tellingly, Uggie plays a nice little mascot who does tricks and saves his master’s life in one of the films, while Blackie gives an uncompromising performance as a ferocious guard dog who terrorizes children. I’m sure you can see what I’m driving at.

Do you think Blackie was discriminated against and should have been nominated?


You can see some of Blackie’s performance in this movie trailer.

7 thoughts on “Doberman Movie Star Snubbed”

  1. I own a Doberman and am trying to find out what compensation Blackie and his owners received for performing in Hugo. TY

  2. Hello! I’m new here, and am not sure how to register/navigate as of yet. However. I wanted to mention that I saw Scorsese do an interview with Blackie – on a couch, with her head on his lap! I hope that showed some people how mellow they are – or at least my four have been – and what “lap dogs” they can be!

  3. SHE!!! People SHE!!!! is a beautiful dog I have not seen the movie yet as I am in Western Australia! But can’t wait for it to come here. You know what they say “Life’s a Bitch” She’s one of the few “Blackies” I like!
    Good Stuff Mr Scorsese!

  4. Sure she should have been nominated. But I think Scorsese makes a good point about the type of character Blackie played – which is a typical part for a Doberman in a movie. I think Hollywood and movie viewers all over the country would benefit from seeing a Doberman in a “hero” role or as a family dog. There are so many real stories that could feature a Doberman in those kinds of roles. Even (perhaps especially) an animated film for kids would make a great difference. I’m tired of seeing Dobermans typecast in roles that don’t accurately reflect the friendly, loyal, and sometimes goofy personality that we know defines the breed.

  5. Yes, he should absolutely been nominated for a number of Awards. As a former owner of two wonderful Dobermans, I feel “Blackie” did an outstanding acting/performing job in “Hugo”. His response to commands were superb and he is a beautiful, intelligent, representation of the breed of the Doberman Pinscher.


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