Doberman Service Dog Training

We don’t usually see Dobermans being used as service dogs but when we do it’s a wonderful thing.

Not only do these dogs help their owners, but they also help improve the Doberman’s reputation.

Since Dobermans are intelligent, highly trainable and alert dogs they are perfect candidates for service dog work.

Although they are typically known for their work as guard dogs, I expect we’ll see Dobermans being used in other fields more. They are already being used in search & rescue, as therapy dogs, guide dogs for the blind and seizure dogs.

This video provide a glimpse into their service dog training.

Have you seen a Doberman being used as a service dog? Let us know what city and what work it was performing in the comments below.



  1. Jaki said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! And thank you for having the patience and love to help rehabilitate this Doberman.

    January 15, 2018
  2. DylansDoberMom said:

    We rescued a 3 year old altered male who came with a lot of emotional baggage: separation anxiety, fear aggression, reactive to everything we encountered on a walk. To desensitize him, And help him feel safe and confident, I ordered a training vest that read “In Training -Do Not Pet”.

    Three times a week, I would start with exercise, him running along side my bike for 30-45 minutes, then I would put his vest on and take him to Home Depot. I chose this location specifically because of the traffic, noise, and diversity of customers moving through the aisles. I would keep Dylan at a heel on my left, and used the cart as a barrier between him and customers. He became accustomed to the noise and traffic, and began to associate the vest with positive social exposure where he did not get attention, nor did he get reactive. This became his favorite thing to do,l. The best allowed me expand his social exposure and help grow his confidence.

    A drastic change happened when I was no longer able to ride my bike to exercise him, and could barely climb stairs or stand up from a sitting position. The doctors told me I needed hip replacement surgery. Our now well trained Rescue Doberman now rescued me.

    He naturally brought my shoes and socks, or picked up my keys, even my iPhone when I dropped them. He patiently supported me one step at a time up or down stairs and maintained impeccable manners in public situations.

    He is 11 now, and we are never far apart. I have another hip surgery looming in my future and I am afraid Dylan will not be here to help me heel and regain my balance as he did 4 years ago.

    Service was innate in him, and YES, Doberman are naturally smart and eager to please if trained, socialized, or even rehabilitated correctly. They make wonderful service dog, family companions, and instinctively protective of their family. There is no finer breed, in my opinion. It is cruel irony that their lives are too short.

    January 15, 2018
  3. Lucy said:

    I am training my boy to help me, he is 10 months and already a star. He gets me anything I have dropped because I am in a wheelchair, can do a good heel and lays by my side when I have seizures

    September 26, 2017
  4. Maggie said:

    Some people comment on the Dobe who do NOT know this breed of dog. Most people’s life’s styles are NOT compatible with this breed. If a Dobe pup is socialized properly, handled properly and cared for 100 % to breed standard, this breed goes to the ends of the earth for there master. This breed as a service dog in the right hands makes for the best SERVICE DOG
    There’s no better companionship than that of a Dobe.
    Again, they are very high maintenance and NOT for most people.

    September 25, 2017
  5. Stan Soltz said:

    I also have back problems, that cause my knees to go out and I fall doberman is always there to help me up, she also seances when I get shaky. And acutely will bark at me so I stop what I’m doing and rest.if I forget to eat I get barked at.we have been together for 6 years. I don’t know how I could manage by my self without her. If there is one problem with a Doberman as a service dog is there too queries,and want to control the situation. Tell a doberman how to do something and they will try to find a better way, it can be agrivating.

    September 19, 2016
  6. Tammy said:

    Loki is a service dog in the suburbs of Chicago. He has been in training since four months old and just turned two.
    Loki is a PTSD dog.
    He has been trained to stand front and back for crowd control and gives hugs and pressure on command for high anxiety.
    Due to there nature to be active and curious he will not let you lay around and be depressed. He will keep you on the move.
    Loki is affectionately known as our rent a pup. He is my daughter’s replacement device dog but since her husband is allergic to him he lives with us. Since he is not in full service with her family he also works with a fiend of mines daughter who has PTSD as well.
    While thy take about 18 months to settle down and begin to relax he has proven to be great in public. Being a Velcro pup certainly is the best benefit for using a doberman for a PTSD SD.

    May 8, 2016
  7. Dina Hourlland said:

    I am in north Idaho. I will be getting a dobie pup in North Carolina to bring back to train as my service companion. I am very excited. Any help anyone can give will be appreciated. I trained guide dogs and dogs for the deaf for 40 yrs. I had a dobie as a pet. Best dog ever. I am happy to be getting one as my life partner.

    December 8, 2015
  8. alyssa petersen said:

    I am disabled and have spinal stenosis, causing balance issues, always falling to the right. My 95lb, 28 inch male, blk/rust is trained as a mobility dog. My big boy “Luka” is so attuned to me, it is unreal, and he breezed thru service dog training in just 5 months! He stands next to me so I can balance while dressing, if I am on the floor for some reason, he stands by me and allows me to pull myself into an upright position using HIM as a “tool/ladder”. He seems to sense when I’m going to need his support and leans into my body. He now is 8 years old and has cancer. I don’t know if I can afford another big guy like him, especially one so bonded to me and sensitive to my needs. He has allowed me to lead a much fuller life than I would’ve had without him. I will miss him emensely when he crosses the rainbow bridge….

    December 16, 2014
  9. Pat said:

    I have a 95# fawn Doberman as my service dog. I could not ask for a more stable, reliable partner. She has that innate Doberman ability to read a situation.

    February 28, 2014
  10. RickC3C4 said:

    I currently have a Doberman in training to be my service dog. Unfortunately I just had to fire the trainer I had been using (long story). Does anyone know and can recommend a good trainer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that I could contact?

    November 10, 2011
  11. cyndi see said:

    These dogs if properly trained while young are smarter than most people driving down the road…I’d trust any doberman to lean on…over anyone off the street too!

    July 23, 2011
  12. Keiron said:

    i do not believe the dobermann should be used as a mobility assistant personally as dobes are highly energetic dogs who need regular exercise n that dobe jus isnt gettin it he looks realli upset =( thats jus my opinion though

    December 21, 2010

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