Doberman Food Chart Checklist

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Some dog owners would like to feed their dogs a raw food diet, just like their ancestors ate in the wild. But it’s just not practical for most people. You’re busy, you have no freezer space, or the nutritional knowledge to do this properly. Or maybe you’re not convinced that a raw food diet is … Read more

Best Dog Food For Dobermans?

dog food for dobermans tips

Just like humans need proper nutrition to be healthy, so do our dogs. But the decision on what to feed our dogs can be a confusing one. Pet stores usually have a whole aisle dedicated to dog food with a large assortment of brands. And the fact that there lacks regulations in pet food labeling … Read more

Is Your Doberman Fat?

This is a fat Doberman! First of all please don’t let your Doberman get morbidly obese. This overweight Doberman, Gretchen, was owned by an elderly couple who let it eat too much and weren’t aware she had a thyroid condition. The Doberman was 9 years old, couldn’t walk, and weighed over 175lbs. Luckily she was … Read more