Dobermans and Summer Heat

Summer is finally here! And along with the sunshine, comes the heat.  While we may enjoy hot summer days, our canine friends may not.  Dogs are more sensitive to heat exhaustion or heat stroke than humans.  While we sweat to cool our internal body temperature, dogs pant to reduce theirs.  Keep in mind that the … Read more

Dobermans Among Top 5 Cancer Breeds

paw print of doberman that died of lymphoma cancer

Doberman Cancer Is A Sad Reality Trupanion pet insurance looked at their cancer-related insurance claims to discover which dog breeds had the highest cancer rates. Dating back to the year 2000, they found that Boxers, Golden Retrievers, German shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans were the breeds most prone to cancer.   The National Canine Cancer Foundation doesn’t … Read more

Doberman Puppy Supplements

Dog supplements, do you need them? Most of your dog’s nutritional needs should be met by the good quality food that you provide daily. But as an extra reassurance, you may wish to give your adult Doberman or puppy supplements. Before you decide on using supplements, you should discuss your particular dog’s health with your … Read more