Talk of Doberman Gang Movie Remake

For Doberman lovers, here comes some interesting news. A press release has announced that a remake of the 1972 Doberman Gang movie is in the works.  The new action heist film will include involvement by popular dog behaviorist, Caesar Millan and will be produced by Darren Raegan. The original Doberman Gang movie was so popular … Read more

Dobermans Among Top 5 Cancer Breeds

paw print of doberman that died of lymphoma cancer

Doberman Cancer Is A Sad Reality Trupanion pet insurance looked at their cancer-related insurance claims to discover which dog breeds had the highest cancer rates. Dating back to the year 2000, they found that Boxers, Golden Retrievers, German shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans were the breeds most prone to cancer.   The National Canine Cancer Foundation doesn’t … Read more

Doberman Ear Cropping Styles

Why do we crop Doberman ears? Doberman ear cropping is a surgical procedure (otoplasty), that shapes Doberman’s ears to have them stand erect. It is customary to identify the Doberman dog with having cropped ears. The crop contributes to the breeds’ identity, iconic look, and working duties. A Doberman with natural ears takes on a … Read more