Easy DIY Dog Collar!

make a dog shirt collar, fast and easy pet projectMake a Super Easy Dog Shirt Collar

I’m not a very “crafty” person, but when I saw this diy pet project, I just had to try it out.  It looked like a quick and easy dog craft project. And it was. Easy, quick and no sewing is needed.

Personally I don’t really like seeing dogs in clothing, unless it’s a winter coat. But cute accessories can be fun and harmless. Dobermans have short hair and are sensitive to the cold, so they do need doggie winter sweaters.  

The other reason I like this project besides it being super easy is that it makes a Doberman look less intimidating.  Some people are nervous about dogs, especially Dobermans, and these cute shirt collars might just lighten the mood on your next walk. You can still wear a regular collar along with this fashionable doggie collar.

Again these dog shirt collars are easy-peasy to make.

You will need:

  • shirts – you might already have some lying around the house you don’t use. I actually had fun looking for shirts at the thrift store. You want to look for larger neck sizes, to fit around your Dobermans neck. Also, look for a stiff collar that has good structure. Avoid flimsy, light shirt collars. And make sure the shirt has a button on the collar.
  • you’ll also need scissors and fray check liquid is optional but it will help keep any loose threads from fraying.

That’s it for supplies!red doberman wearing shirt collar, easy diy pet project

  1. Now get your shirt
  2. Cut slowly around the collar
  3. Add optional fray check to edges
  4. BAM! you’re done.

How easy and fast was that?

I think the hardest part is finding a shirt with a large enough neck size.

The two shirts I used were a neck size 16, the blue shirt was smaller and wouldn’t fit my Dobermans, but it would fit a puppy just fine.

Thanks to this blog and this blog where I discovered this project.

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