Make Your Own Easy Dog Art

Here’s a great dog craft for adults.  custom dog crafts for adults wall hanging

It’s fast and it’s fun!

And it’s a nice way of showing off your doggie photographs.

Just print your Doberman photos on fabric to make these beautiful wall hangings. And bonus they’re cheap and easy.

They look great as a collection or you can make smaller frames as Christmas tree ornaments.


You need this stuff:

  • an embroidery hoop (I used the 4 and 5 inch sizes)
  • some stiff fabric (linen is nice)
  • a photograph of your doggie
  • a printer to copy your photo onto the fabric
  • needle and strong thread or embroidery thread
  • a nice ribbon for hanging

Now Get Crafty!dog craft for adults to make, easy and cheap

  1. Start by printing your photo onto fabric. You might need to do some practice runs to make sure your printer will feed the fabric through. If the fabric won’t run through, just tape the fabric onto a sheet of paper. Also, note which side of the paper/fabric your printer places the ink on.
  2. Place the printed fabric into the hoop by loosening the top screw.
  3. Cut the excess fabric around the edges. Use fray check on the edges if you’re worried about the fabric unraveling.
  4. Make a running stitch to gather the edges in the back and knot.
  5. Add a pretty ribbon and bow.
  6. Done! Now go hang your beautiful art piece!

(Click on the photo to get a larger image)


Here is my collection hanging in the spare bedroom.  I made the display with a two embroidery hoops, and one regular wooden picture frame.  These are my three Dobermans, Dagan, Zoe and my beautiful Xena who has passed away.

custom dog art by printing on fabric

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