5 Reasons Why Dobermans Attack

Dobermans have a reputation for being a dangerous or aggressive dog breed.  But is it deserved? Let’s look at some of the main causes of Doberman attacks or aggression. While these gifs are cute, this is a serious topic. This is a brief look at some of the reasons for dog attacks. If you think … Read more

Get Bragging Rights With This Doberman Obedience Test

doberman obedience good citizen dog tag

Does Your Doberman Have Good Manners? Unfortunately, the Doberman breed still suffers a bit of a public relations image problem.  It’s getting better but we still have work to do and this is where Doberman obedience training is vital. In an effort to promote well-mannered dogs, the Canine Good Citizen Program was created.  Passing the … Read more

Doberman Service Dog Training

We don’t usually see Dobermans being used as service dogs, but when we do it’s a wonderful thing. Not only do these dogs help their owners, but they also help improve the Doberman’s reputation. They are typically known for their work as guard dogs, but Dobermans being used in other fields more. They are now seen … Read more

Why is Donnie The Doberman so special? 

Why Does This Dog Arrange His Toys? Donnie is a very unique Doberman. National Geographic featured him on their “Genius Dogs” show.  He displays an unusual behavior where he arranges his stuffed toys into specific patterns of circles or triangles. It’s unknown why he does this although.  Is it thought out, random or is it … Read more