Have You Seen These Famous Dobermans?

Jackie Chan with group of dobermans chase him in maze

Dobermans in the Movies Dobermans have been featured in lots of movies and tv shows. And some of these movies are really fun to watch, whether you’re a Doberman fan or just like watching movies.   Unfortunately, the Doberman Pinscher breed is still usually portrayed as the guard dog with an attitude.  We know they … Read more

Doberman Dog Tattoos Ideas

doberman tattoo art

Are you thinking about getting a Doberman tattoo? Here’s a collection of some great designs showcasing the Doberman breed.  They should give you some dog tattoo ideas whether you’re looking for something traditional, simple, or original.  Do you think it’s weird to get a tattoo of your dog? Or if you have a dog tattoo, … Read more

Doberman Names That Aren’t Crappy

DOBERMAN names that are original unique

Doberman Pinscher Names Are you looking for good dog names for your new Doberman? Or do you want to change an older rescue dog’s name to something different? I’ve collected this list of favorite Doberman names over the years.  These names have been selected for their popularity, originality, or for representing the qualities we love … Read more