Who Is This Man?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage photos of people with their Dobermans.

Today I found a beautiful vintage photograph of a man, with what appears to be an early Doberman. He has a cool hipster look  that seems to be trendy nowadays.

I can’t find the original source so I’m asking readers if they know the history of this old photo.

The only information I could find is that it’s maybe of Polish or Ukrainian origin. He might be a soldier from the battle of Lwow or Lviv from 1914-1915.

Even the chair is very ornate and should provide clues as to the country or place of origin.

Who is this man? Is he famous? What is the Doberman’s name? Is this dog a favorite European stud?

Any guesses on this mystery photo? 

vintage photograph of doberman dog with man 1914 lwow


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  1. Scott Porter said:

    Looks to me to be German NCO early WWI. Overcoat is model 1910 field gray with NCO shoulder boards. Collar has NCO leitzen. Spurs look to be German.

    March 25, 2017

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