Tyson The Doberman Needs Your Help

What could be sadder than a Doberman that can’t run?  Part of the appeal and beauty of the Doberman dog breed, is watching their elegant, athletic bodies running and playing.

According to the Columbian News, Tyson, a 13 month old Doberman had the misfortune of being born with carpus valgus.  This rare disorder causes the front legs to grow crooked.  Tyson is able to walk but tires quickly and obviously has difficulty running.  Even sadder is that if Tyson doesn’t get specialized surgery for his legs, they are expected to give out at around age 6, needing the Doberman to be euthanized. doberman with leg illness

Second Chance Champions, a non-profit group, is trying to help Tyson by raising the money needed for the expensive operation. To repair this doberman’s legs it will require $8000.  Since Tyson’s case is a serious one, this group has take up his cause and the fundraising continues as they near the $8000 goal.

Tyson is a friendly Doberman, who enjoys playing despite his physical limitations.  His original owners have already spent $4000 on his legs but more surgery is needed once Tyson is full grown.

Now with foster owners Bryan and Heather Andrews, Tyson’s future will hold repeated surgeries and a lengthy recovery time.  From there this doberman is expected to lead a normal life to the average life span of 11 or more years.

If you would like to help Tyson the Doberman, visit Second Chance Champions to make a donation (specify it’s for Tyson).

(Photos by Troy Wayrynen)

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