Throw Out Your Dog Food Bowls!

tip on dog food bowls to use Are you still using a dog food bowl?

If so, why are you giving your dog easy meals?

Dogs eating from bowls is soo old school.  Maybe you should consider getting rid of them.

We know dogs need physical exercise, especially dobermans, but they also need mental exercise.  They need to be mentally stimulated with new smells, activities, or challenges. Feeding time is a great time to do this.  Instead of just plopping down a food bowl for your dog to munch away, make him work for it.

There are so many different designs of dog food/treat dispensers for sale nowadays, that I’m sure you’ll find one that will work with your dog.

I love the KONG Wobbler, it’s tough, easy to clean and easy to load with food.  Another dog food dispenser I like is the AïKiou Food Feeder. I sometimes rotate these two dog feeders to change things up a bit.

Dog food dispensers are also a great idea for dogs who are at risk for bloat, like the doberman. One of my dobermans is a fast eater and I worry about this.  For these dogs, a slow feeding dog bowl is necessary. There are some really interesting new dog bowls out there for gulpers.

If you don’t want to buy a fancy food dispensing toy, then you can make one out of something you already have at home, like a plastic bottle, old paper towel roll or empty cereal boxes. You can also just scatter the kibble in your backyard and let your dog search around for it. This is a good idea for dogs who are bored outside or bark. Get them busy doing something.

Having said all this, I do sometimes use a bowl when I give my dogs a special treat, like adding canned sardines to their dry dog food.  Also, if you add any liquid to the kibble to moisten it, a food dispenser might not be a great idea.

In the wild, food doesn’t just magically appear in front of a dogs face every day, he has to work for it. So maybe your dog should too.

Do you have a dog food bowl that you like using?

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