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Doberman War Dog Memorial Video

Many people aren’t aware that doberman pinschers were used in the war. Their service to us in history only makes the doberman breed even more special. Here is a quick War Dog Memorial Video for the dobe fans out there. You can also check out this previous post on the doberman pinscher soldier for more information and pictures.

History of Doberman Dogs

From Germany To Around The World

Although the exact origins of the Doberman breed cannot be verified, it’s believed that this popular breed came about in Germany in the early 1880’s. In the town of Apolda, in the state of Thuringia, lived Herr Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, the man credited with developing the Doberman. Herr Doberman was born in 1834 and died in 1894, at which time the Germans named the breed, Doberman Pinscher in his honor.

The Doberman was also known at the time as “Thuringian pinschers”, “Dobermann’s Hunde” or dobermann’s dogs and “Soldatenhunds” or soldier dogs. The pinscher was later dropped in 1949 as it was not a suitable descriptor for the breed. (Note that the miniature pinscher is not a “mini” Doberman and not related.) Also the second “n” in dobermann has been dropped in most parts of the world. Continue reading History of Doberman Dogs