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About Doberman Rescues

A doberman rescue is usually a non-profit group created to provide an alternative to regular dog shelters.  Many times dogs don’t do well in these shelters due to the noise, distraction or general environment.  Also doberman enthusiasts prefer to take care of their favorite breed and therefore specialize in their rescue and adoption. These breed specific groups will foster the dog and evaluate it for adoption. This may include evaluating the dobermans temperament, obedience skills and general health.

Doberman rescues vary in size and may be a large group or a small one person operation.  They may be connected to a breed club or work as an independent agency.  While we hope all of the current rescues are ethical and well run, you may wish to do some research on a particular doberman rescue.   Things to consider are:  how long has the rescue been operating?  are they affiliated with a larger club?  do they spay & neuter before adoption? do they screen potential adopters to make sure the dog is going to a good home? do they disclose all information about the dogs health/behaviour?  do they offer ongoing support after adoption?  will they take back a dog if for whatever reason you can no longer care for it? will they provide an adoption contract? Continue reading About Doberman Rescues