Below are items that I recommend for Doberman owners.

They will make your life easier and keep you and your dog happy.  I wish I knew about some of these dog products when I got my first dog, and was really clueless about what a Doberman needs.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed  – This is a good dog bed option for dogs who chew bed cushions, or for those who like being elevated off the ground, (maybe this is why they like our sofas so much).

The History of the Doberman Pinscher as Depicted Through Collectibles, Art and Literature – A fantastic book for Dobe owners who love history and collectibles on the breed. It’s rare to find and expensive, but worth it.

Slow Feed Dog Bowl – If your Doberman eats too fast, this is a great way to slow him down and it’s easy to wash.

Dog Rubber Curry Brush – These are great for the Doberman’s short hair. They do a good job of removing loose hair and feel great since they’re soft. Don’t buy stiff bristle brushes that scratch your dog’s skin and feel uncomfortable.   If you hate vacuuming and seeing dog hair in the house, buy one of these and brush your dog weekly outside.

Martingale Dog Collar – These are my favorite dog collars for walking my Dobermans. They are great for dogs who have necks bigger than their heads like greyhounds and some Dobermans, who can slip out of regular collars.  I place the collar high on the neck, just under the ears and it gives me good control of my Doberman if he gets distracted.  Also, they are much safer than the choke collars or halti-type collars that can damage your dogs neck or windpipe.

The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog Video – Michael Ellis knows dogs. This DVD will show you how to build a bond with your dog and how to play tug properly.



Doggie Door Bell – Impress people by training your dog to use this bell. Your dog can have his own doorbell to let you know when he needs to go outside to pee.


Flirt Pole Dog Exercise Toy – This is a great toy to exercise your doberman, especially if you can’t give him walks or let him run off-leash. Think of it as a giant cat toy for dogs. This is a must-have for high-energy dogs and if your dog loves chasing squirrels, he’ll go nuts for this toy, mine do.
KONG WOBBLER – This is a treat dispensing toy that will challenge your doberman and keep him busy. It’s easy to fill and wash.

Rope Toy with Three Knots For Power Chewers – This rope is tough, it won’t last forever, but it will last longer than most.  Rope toys floss your dog’s teeth but are soft enough that they won’t chip them.  They are also versatile, you can play tug, fetch or just let your dog chew it apart. If you hate vacuuming, maybe avoid this toy since you’ll have string all over the floor.


Pizzle Bully Chew Stick – Pizzle Sticks or Bully Sticks are a good alternative to hard bones that wear down or break dog teeth. Just make sure your dog isn’t a big piece gulper.

Dog Music – Music proven to calm your dog and should help you de-stress also.

Doberman T Shirt  – Let the world know you have the coolest dog. Or this t-shirt would make a nice gift for a Doberman lover.

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