Nail Polish For Doberman Dogs?!

We love pampering our dogs almost as much as ourselves.

One of the newer pampering services being offered by dog groomers is “pet-icures” or dog nail painting.  Of course, these dog manicures have no practical purpose at all and it really is solely for the owner’s personal entertainment.  Having said that, it looks pretty cute. I’ve also heard of paw painting being used as a fundraiser event for a dog rescue.  Now I know this will start a debate on whether people should be doing this to their dogs, but for those of you who are set on making your “fur-kid” a bit more pretty, here are some guidelines for safety.

If you are interested in painting your Dobermans nails, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. First if your dog is pretty active (and most dobes are) the polish will get worn off, probably after the first day.  Also consider that Dobermans, naturally have black nails which will make it hard to even see a polish.  Most important although, if your Doberman chews its nails then you should avoid applying certain dog polishes.

You can find dog nail varnish that is supposedly safe for dogs, but I would be suspicious unless you can read the ingredient list.  You want to avoid polishes with formaldehyde specifically.  Also, these dog polishes supposedly dry faster, have gentler ingredients and smells less.  Some people and vets will state that nail polish for humans is fine as long as your dog doesn’t lick or chew the polish.  Remember you will need to supervise your dog to make sure that she doesn’t.

Here is a popular dog nail polish you might want to try, Pawdicure Dog Nail Polish Pens

Before you decide to do a painted pet-icure, choose a time when your dog is pretty relaxed, like after exercising or better yet while they are sleeping.  If you have a hard time trimming your dogs nails or handling their paws, then forget about it, you’re in for trouble. You need a calm dog who doesn’t mind having it’s paws touched. Don’t force this on your dog. Even for calm dogs, you may want to try doing one paw at a time to avoid upsetting him. Be aware that the polish smell may be especially annoying to your dog’s nose. Have lots of treats and kind words ready.  Remember, you always want to reward a dog’s good behaviour and thank him/her for entertaining you.

doberman nails get painted

Place a towel under the paw to catch any drips. Before you apply the nail polish, clean and trim the nails, and if needed trim back some of the fur overlapping the nail.  You want to avoid getting any polish on the fur.  Also, it helps if you avoid placing polish where the nails naturally touch each other when your dog is sitting.  Apply only a thin coat to the nail as this will make it dry quicker.  Lastly, remember to watch your dog to make sure it doesn’t lick the wet polish, this may be poisonous to him.  When you’re done and if you really want to make a statement, you can add sparkles, nail stickers, jewels or painted stripes.  Voila!

What do you think? Would you paint your Dobermans nails?

Is this as ridiculous as it sounds?

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  1. dara said:

    I spoiled the crap out of my Dobe and loved it. She was a great dog and is sorely missed. I say do what you want to love your dog as long is it doesn’t harm the dog or anyone else, why not?! Just make sure it’s a well behaved Dobe. You can spoil/him or her as long as they don’t ACT spoiled!

    November 30, 2010

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