The Day After Losing Your Dog

Yesterday I put down my 11-year-old Doberman. Her legs were failing her that she could no longer walk without falling down.

I feel awful right now, but I know it was the right thing to do, and as time goes by I know my heartache will hurt less and less.

Now that she’s gone, every time I see something that reminds me of her, my eyes well up with tears. I haven’t felt this sad in a long time.

I’m now undecided if I should throw out her favorite toys and any reminders of her, or not.

I knew I didn’t want her cremation remains since it doesn’t feel comforting to me to have them in my home. I want my dog back alive, not her dead body’s ashes.

I’m also debating if I should make a little shadow box display like the one below. But again I don’t know if it will just be a reminder of this painful memory.

How do you handle your pet’s death? Do you honor them in any special way? Or just try to forget that your pet is gone?

honor dog's with a memory shadow box


  1. Boomer said:

    This is Gut wrenching just reading the comments. I lost my Dobie a month ago . he was 5!, Dialated cardio myopathy. He was my 2cnd Dobie. The 1st one also died from Heart disease too young!!I will never own any but a Dobie! Seriously, just looking at other Doberman pics gives me solice🐾💙😇. I will do the shadow box!

    October 29, 2017
  2. Theresa Andersson-Mintz said:

    I understand the pain and the loss. It’s been ten years since my beloved 16 yr old friend, a lady labmix named Ruby, found her final rest, and I am finally starting over. This time with a Doberman boy. I remember how hard it was to let go of my Ruby and even though I told myself I would keep a distance this time, I now realize that is impossible.

    October 26, 2017
  3. Bobby West said:

    just needed to say that Jaki we know what you are or went thru. 2 weeks ago we had to put down our dobie sheeba . she was 11yrs. old her hips went first then her front legs .she could not control her bowels. what hurt us was her mind was ok. but she was in pain . miss our baby so much. tears flow from me and my wife. love to all who have or will lose their love one.

    October 19, 2017
  4. Jaki said:

    thankyou for the kind words. Now a month later, it’s a bit easier for me but I still get teary eyed if I think about her.

    July 19, 2016
  5. Deb said:

    I had to put my beloved Boston Terrier of 9 years to sleep. It was heartbreaking. We didnt have time to think about it either. His condition came on suddenly, a mass on his heart that ended up bleeding into his pleural space. One day he was fine and the next he wasnt. It was shocking. I still miss him every day. He gave us the best of himself and for that I am so happy. Just let the grieving process happen. Dont be hasty in getting rid of your dogs belongings. The pain gets easier with time and you may be so happy to have those reminders. For now if it hurts too much to look at them, place them out of sight. Dont feel guilty about it. Your not trying to forget you are trying to get through it. I also didnt want ashes from my pet. I wanted him back alive but reality is as it is. I kept his collar, his toys and my dobie who I got a few months ago with the idea the two would be lifelong buddies is enjoying them and I know that would make my Boston Terrier happy. He loved playing. I intend to have a favorite picture of him framed with his collar hanging on a corner to hang in a nice place once the pain of losing him isn’t so raw. Its tough losing a pet. Good luck.

    July 19, 2016
  6. Ron Youngblood said:

    We lost our Indy girl in March at 10 years old, our 4 year old blue girl is still sad so we are adopting a red girl in a few months. Indy was our 7th doberman our blue girl CeCe is 4 years old and is a rescue and she is perfect. We have had dobermans since the early 80s, we love them as family members.

    June 19, 2016
  7. Rhianna said:

    i just lost my baby a couple of months ago- it was so hard- i miss her so much- today i found out we were getting anouther doberman- i wasnt happy- I wanted Aday- not some new puppy- but i had to move on some time- rest in peace

    June 14, 2016
  8. viola said:

    This has to one of the most hardest losses there could be aside from a parent and or child.

    Our loving dogs our like family to us, and for myself have become my kids.

    Love your shadow box and Im going to do the same when that day comes. My boy is 5 in August. He’s a biggy, 135 pounds of love.

    I can almost feel your pain just imaging the loss. Prayers for your healing heart. Viola

    June 13, 2016
  9. Danielle Taylor said:

    It is with deep heartleft sorrow I leave this response. Take time. Take time to go through the process. I just went through this with my best friend. He brought several of his Devlin’s toys to my K9 daughter and he kept the collar. I saw my dobey playing with the ball that came from my friend’s dog. The ball was being rolled BACK TO MY DOG by an invisible force. I cried. I knew it was her best friend Devlin’s dog spirit. Your pooch gave you a great 11 years. You gave your love by ending that pain. Cry when the tears come. Let it out. Don’t harbor the sadness, it can consume you. I am praying for you. I am sad with you. And I promise to hug my Reagan even more today. You will know what to do with your baby’s personal effects in time. Just don’t rush this healing process. God bless you…

    June 13, 2016
  10. Carlos said:

    Sorry to hear about your loss, we do get attach to our canine kids. Having gone through that repeatedly, I know time will ease the pain. Best wishes!

    June 12, 2016
  11. Cal said:

    Hey. eleven is a good run for a Dobe these days. Longevity in the breed is plummeting, thanks AKC, and we must open the registry. I’ve gone to a Dobe-Shepard cross in hopes of getting 15 years,

    June 12, 2016
  12. Jaki said:

    Thankyou this is a nice thought of passing on toys to new buddies.

    June 12, 2016
  13. Lidna Esten said:

    Loosing your best buddy is a very sad day. You did the right thing and not let her suffer. I have gone thru that with 3 Dobermans during my life time. Everyone is different, but I always save all their toys because I KNOW I will be getting another one to fill the void. Puppies seem to love someone elses toys. I also save all of their puppy collars and leashes and reuse them as well. I feel comfort in passing on the best friends belongings to my little new best buddy.

    June 12, 2016
  14. Jaki said:

    Thank you. I think this is great advice for me right now.

    June 12, 2016
  15. Julia said:

    Firstly I’m really sorry for your loss. It WAS the right decision to stop your beloved dog’s suffering. I would suggest that you try to get out and distract yourself from all things dog for as much as possible for the next week or month. (However long it takes).
    Put all of her toys/things away in a box where you can’t see them. At some point you will know if you want to throw them out or do something with them. At some point you will know if you want to create a memorial for your dog. Everyone is different, but everyone feels such a loss and has to deal with it the best they can. xx

    June 12, 2016

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