Doberman Puppy Supplements

Dog Supplements, do you need them?

cute red doberman puppy sittingMost of your dog’s nutritional needs should be met by the good quality food you provide them daily. But as an extra reassurance you may wish to give your adult Doberman or puppy supplements. Before you decide on using supplements, you should discuss your particular dog’s health with your vet. The vet can also suggest what the proper dosage should be for your dog’s weight. In most cases, the average healthy dog can benefit from a multivitamin & mineral and fish oil supplements just like humans.

Fish oils supply omega-3 fatty acids that give your dog a nice coat and skin and support their immune system. For large dogs, a dose of 1000mg once a day may be appropriate. My dogs seemed to enjoy a fish capsule pill as a treat.  Adding sardines to their kibble food is also something to consider. Another great natural supplement, eggs. Add a hard boiled egg to your dog’s dry dog food for extra nutrition.

Personally I’m not convinced of the effectiveness of some supplements being marketed to dog owners. I also think your money would be better spent on buying a high-quality dog food, that your dog eats daily, instead of a supplement pill, of questionable quality, that your dog takes once in awhile.

For any specific health issues, your dog may have, it’s best to research that particular condition, what supplements are recommended and then discuss this with your vet.  If you are considering using less well-known supplements look for peer-reviewed, non-biased, documented research studies to ensure safety. Again your vet is a good resource here as they should be aware of any new treatments and research studies that have been proven effective and safe.


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