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Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. Halloween is coming up. Do you dress up your dogs?  

Here’s a great dog craft for adults.   It’s fast and it’s fun! And it’s a nice way of showing off your doggie photographs. Just print your Doberman photos on fabric to make these beautiful wall hangings. And bonus they’re cheap and easy. They look great as a collection or you can make smaller frames as Christmas tree ornaments.   You need this stuff: an embroidery hoop (I used the 4 and 5 inch sizes) some stiff fabric (linen is nice) a photograph of your doggie a printer to copy your photo onto the fabric needle and strong thread or embroidery…

Our newest doberman Hollywood movie star is Blackie. He acted alongside of Sacha Baron Cohen in the movie Hugo. Surprisingly he was snubbed by the Golden Collar Awards  and didn’t even get a nomination.  Martin Scorsese  spoke out strongly on behalf of Blackie, the doberman movie star. Do you think Blackie should have been nominated? Scorsese Speaks Out For Blackie    

As requested, a Dobermans Den reader thought the classic painting Pinkie by Thomas Lawrence would look great as a fawn Doberman. And I totally agree. What do you think creepy or cute?

Andy Warhol created some great art  known as pop art. Here is one of his most famous prints of actress Marilyn Monroe. Now for us doberman junkies, a doberman art version of Warhol’s pop art .

Dobermans in the movies Dobermans have been featured in lots of movies and tv shows, old and new. Some of these of hidden gems that are really fun to watch, whether you’re a Doberman fan or just like odd movies.  Unfortunately, the Doberman Pinscher breed is still usually portrayed as the guard dog with an attitude.  We know they do this well, but people also need to see their other side, the intelligent, goofy and fun dog that we know they are. These guys made the list, did we miss any other Doberman movie stars? Let us know in the…

For doberman lovers, comes some great news. A recent press release has announced that a remake of the 1972 Doberman Gang movie is in the works.  The new action heist film will include involvement by popular dog behaviourist, Caesar Millan and be produced by Darren Raegan. The original Doberman Gang movie was so popular it spawned two sequels, The Daring Dobermans and The Amazing Dobermans. You can watch the original movie trailer here on my previous post about The Doberman Gang Movie. The movie plot is basically a “gang” of doberman dogs trained to perform bank robberies.  It’s a fun…

Looking for a doberman tattoo? Here’s a collection of some great designs showcasing the doberman breed. If you’re a tattoo artist or a doberman lover and want to share your tattoo creation, just send us an email (info at dobermansden dot com) and we’ll gladly add your design to the website.

American Gothic is a great classic painting by Grant Wood. I just had to have some fun with it and make a Doberman art version of it. Hope you enjoy this Doberman art and do let me know if there’s any other masterpiece you want to see Doberman styled. In case you missed the last Doberman art conversion, here’s the Blue Boy doberman pincher art.

Just for fun here is my version of the Blue Boy painting by Thomas Gainsborough for Doberman fans. Are there any other paintings you’d like to see done doberman style? If you got to this page looking for information on blue dobermans, click the link to go to that post.