Top 6 GoPro Doberman Videos

Doberman videos are fun to watch, whether you own a doberman or not. Today I did a search of doberman videos on YouTube and it listed 536,000 results. That’s a lot of videos and a lot of people watching them. One of the more popular YouTube videos and a personal favorite is, Sliding Doberman which has over four million views!

People enjoy filming their dogs for the public and it’s going to get even better. With new camera technology, doberman videos are now even more visually interesting with people creating videos with GoPro cameras. The GoPro camera is a high definition camera created for extreme-action sports videography. They are small, lightweight, water-proof and tough. You can strap them on yourself (or your dog as we’ll see) and record in first person view. They also have great color definition and with high frame rates it allows you to capture smooth slow-motion video.  If  it’s good enough for extreme athletes , it’s good enough for our canine extreme athletes, the doberman.

These are the best GoPro doberman videos that show us the physical beauty and energy of these dogs. I can’t help but smile watching them, feeling the joy these dogs were experiencing in the moment.  I hope you enjoy them also and I hope to see more of these videos showcasing the elegance and beauty of our doberman athletes.

Which doberman GoPro video is your favorite?

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